Playing card fan..

I want to apologise for not being here yesterday. I had an incredibly difficult day emotionally – I agreed to surgery with the doctor, and promptly had a bit of a meltdown. I certainly was not aligned with my decision! I have now woke up this morning, and seemed to have pinched a nerve in my neck – and can’t move it AT ALL!! I looked up the metaphysical underlying meanings to problems with the neck, and it has to do with being unwilling to be flexible and look at something from all sides. What also hit me, was that I being “forced” to look at a situation head on, being unable to look away!

At any rate, I’m not in a very good place at the moment, and plan on spending today doing my best to pivot and nurture myself! Yikes! when it rains it pours, doesn’t it?


I did pull some playing cards, and the 3 I’m showing here were part of a bigger reading.



These were shown in my “leaving” position. It said to me that I would get my wish (9 of Hearts)over a dispute (2 of spades)with the 2 of spades being in the middle position, there will be give and take on both sides.. and, with the 5 of clubs showing that matters would be worked out. The 5 of clubs can refer to cleaning up an old mess!..I honestly think that this is referring to the long dispute that hubby has had with a nasty piece of work… I think they are about to get the settlement agreed, and my wish to have this done will happen.

This is short, but sweet 🙂 and welcome.

Hopefully I will feel better later today, and can write some more…

Kipper cards~

I pulled these cards late in the day…I have been running around to the bank and the accountant’s most of the day…that’s what happens when hubby comes home!

These cards immediately made me think of the daughter he just left in Newfoundland. A younger woman, connected to the family, who is about to have some kind of success or honor concerning her occupation….. she is due to transfer in 2 months, and is looking for the perfect job to go to.

Hopefully this is referring to that, and she is presented with a job that is an honor….or that she is awarded with something for her great service there…

She is the only woman I can think of! lol

I did it! I broke down!

I did it! I definitely broke down….I discovered the name of a deck of cards that I’ve been fascinated with for over 10 years, that a little old lady (pro psychic) in the UK uses exclusively for reading her clients. She never knew the name (or maybe didn’t want me to know! lol I’m not so sure now 🙂  )

She gave absolutely phenomenal readings with them, and managed to literally predict that my now husband and I would come together about 2 years before he had a clue! Every year we go back to her in the UK and both have readings, and sure enough her predictions are about 95% accurate.

So I was shocked when I stumbled on a page on the web that finally broke the mystery. The next thing was to research where on earth I could get them from, they’re not too easy to find. I was embroiled in a bidding war for a set of these cards and it’s book, yesterday, but lost. I have just found them at Mandrake Press in the UK online and they were reasonable! They have a wonderful collection of cards and books, check them out….

Oh! I was so excited I forgot to mention what they are! LOL brother! Have any of you heard of the The Fortune Teller’s Mah-Jongg book and card set by Derek Walters? The cards are beautiful, and based on the tiles, but prettier. Just found photos of the book and cards and placed them below:



They cost around 30 CAD with shipping, I splurged! I’ve wanted these for soooo long!

I’m looking forward to showcasing them here on this blog in the near future 🙂


The Victoria Regina Tarot

I have tried and tried to show these cards as thumbnails!! and WordPress just doesn’t want to co-operate today! lol so forgive my huge cards today!

I have been really inspired by my friend, Tarot Dame, and the way she intuitively reads different tarot decks, so I thought I would try to unscramble my brain, and try it more her way 🙂

 I’ve had the Victoria Regina tarot for a few years, I like to collect different art in the tarot, but hardly ever read with it. I thought it would be a great deck to experiment with, and I was right! 

What hit me instantly, was that this was talking about the Guru crook that my husband has just won a court case against!

Here she’s depicted as everyone’s Queen. The people are all puny nobodys next to her All Mighty…and they look up at her and give away their power to her! It also shows what a grandiose self-perception she has of herself, compared to the rest of the world!

The next card is the 10 of Swords, or in this instance, the 10 of Rifles! lol This is what immediately made me think of her, as she has hidden her scam by residing in the Wild West, where law is easy to skirt around…..until NOW! She is finished with all the Rifles in the back…..the other thought that came to me is that there might be some old fashioned Cowboy justice coming the way of this Queen, if she’s not careful!

The last card is the Devil. What struck me about this card was that the Devil is shown as a masked clown. Someone who does not show their real face to the public (she never has)- and Oh WOW! if you look closely at this card, you will see that the smiling clown is holding up their real face high above the 2 people–and it’s a real ogre looking face. To me this shows the true nature of the person, that is being carefully hidden, as she cajoles and manipulates the people caught in her snare. Something else caught my eye as well; in front of them is a small tree..tree of knowledge? probably only pretending to be! and at the very top of this tree is a small cross…as the Devil is trying to pass itself off as a Spiritual leader! But look at that tree!! it’s not thriving at all…it only has one weak branch left, clinging on for dear life….this tells me that her “spiritual business” scam is almost through. She has taken a mortal wound, and that she probably only has a few faithful diehards left to control.

WOW!! LOL  They just fit that situation so impeccably well.  I‘m going to have to have to try reading my other decks this way and see what comes 🙂 Thank you Kiki, for re-igniting my interest in Tarot!

I Ching Cards~

I have had 2 great books on the I Ching that I have referred to off and on for a few years. One I’ve scanned in here: Front & Back

Some years ago, a friend gifted me with a set of I Ching cards which are beautiful. I don’t know where they came from, but a quick search on the web and I discovered quite a few other beautiful decks! haha…might have to collect a few now!

 I drew a card late last night, and then looked up the hexagram in my book…I seem to have a definite theme going on!

Here’s the card:

I scanned in the card and added the title to the card. This is hexagram # 52 – “Meditation- Keeping Still”. From the book:

“There is a focus now upon your inner perspective. It is of particualr importance at this time that you mediatate upon the object of your inquiry. Meditation here refers to a state where your thoughts do not go beyond the situation at hand. It is not a single act but a frame of mind, Once the mind is calm and the ego quelled, you will transcend your internal turmoil. Your inner stillness will bring enlightenment by objectifying your impressions. Meditation and inner calm will help to center you. Hold your thoughts to to the present and attempt an unprejudiced view of the situation. Actions that spring  from this attitude will be appropiate and well regarded. Stop your thoughts now.”

This continues the message of the last few days, of needing to be introspective and almost retreat. This, I have done. I spent a good part of last night, awake, but in a calm receptive state…and I did feel a shift. This morning, when I webcammed with hubby, he was in a very agitated state; upset and worried about his daughter. I was able to come from a more balanced and calm position, which helped the dynamics of our interaction greatly.

Sometimes, the greatest thing you can do is to step back from people and stiuations, and become the observer…not to react. I held my “tone” and stayed centered 🙂 In a strange way, this time alone has been a blessing for me. I feel as though I am rearranging my insides and perspective. Because of this I will be a magnet for different responses and experiences. It’s all so fascinating!


I couldn’t resist sharing another Kipper draw, I just adore this artwork!

This has a bit of mystery to it! lol (If you click on the images, you can see a more detailed pic)

  • A Small Child =  Something new coming, of a positive nature…even possibly a BABY! lol oh brother! OR maybe it’s the beginning of something…
  • Meetings= Whether it’s business or social, I don’t know..but it represents meetings or get-togethers.. or a coming together! lol
  • High Honour to Come= Success! or something to do with one’s occupation.


A couple of things came to mind for this draw;

1) possibly someone who has wanted a baby for some time is going to get their wish! or

2) there is success with business meetings that starts everything rolling (oh please!) this could be the meetings with the lawyers to settle the legal dispute, or meetings within the business that lands the big deal…. I’m really not sure! but it definitely looks good.

I really like the “High Honours to Come” card! I’ll take it! lol

Sacred Path cards & Medicine cards

I decided to draw one card from my Sacred Path Cards and also one card from “Medicine Cards for Every Day.” I thought they might go well together.

  • West Shield – this name has some personal significance that I can’t write about now, but just know that it made me laugh! The title is “Instrospection/Goals” – how appropiate! because that’s exactly what I am doing today! Anytime my mate is gone, I end of spending a couple of days just focusing on myself, and deciding what it is that I want to bring into my life. Because it’s quiet, and there aren’t really any distractions, I get alot of thinking and planning done! I have also been wanting to create a Vision Board for quite awhile, so I think today would be a perfect time to decide on those things I want to manifest, and create this collage representing those things! This card also says that it may be time to Enter the Silence…..

  • The Eagle – This blew me away! Just before drawing this card this morning, I looked out of the back of the house…we live on a really pretty lake, and lo and behold! a bald eagle came swooping down and landed in our tree!! I watch them often as they fish, but it isn’t too often that they come and hang out in our back yard! lol I felt that seeing it there was a very strong message to me….and then here is this card! I really need to take time today, just to be still and Connect…I think there is an experience waiting to manifest as well 🙂

I felt humbled by this draw. BOTH of these cards are giving the same message….it’s time to go within, to be still, and listen to that inner voice.

I am really amazed at just how accurate the different oracles are reflecting different aspects of my daily life. I had been such a tarot “snob” ! lol, but now, I am really appreciating all these other systems that compliment the tarot really well. God I love cards!! LOL

Kipper cards!

Hooray! my first play with the Mystical Kipper! now don’t get too excited…I don’t think they’ve actually come out with an English version yet, at any rate, mine aren’t. I decided to scan them in and do some fiddling in Paint Shop Pro to give English translations to the cards….(I really am a Virgo! lol) The artwork on these are wonderful. I’ve tried 2 or 3 throws, and my daughter did one too…they were apt and not too difficult understand. I think they will be a fun addition, especially just for a daily draw practice:)  I drew:

  • (15)Love & Friendship,
  • (26)Great Happiness &
  • (7)Good Letters

To me, there is either great news coming from our good friend, that the deal is done and we’re celebrating 🙂 OR I end up receiving a really loving email from my spouse who’s away from home at the moment! Both would be nice! lol

These cards are so cute!!

The Enchanted Tarot~

I pulled from my collection of tarot decks The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber. I bought this years ago, because of how it came into creation. Amy Zerber is a fabric artist/quilter who put her talents to creating the entire tarot deck as quilt art! Having been a quilter for many years, I was awestruck! lol I haven’t looked at this deck in a long time, and just sifting through the cards, I am once again, greatly impressed for what she created. I drew these 2 cards for my daily draw:

If you click on the picture, youll be able to see more closely all the work that went into creating these!

  • The 6 of Swords – I really liked what was written about the 6 of swords in the book that came with the deck: 

 “Moving away at last, from the turbulent seas, a small boat sails into calmer waters. Its passengers seem to be arriving at a safe haven. Their attitude is relaxed and they can now look back almost fondly on their past efforts knowing that the hardships have made them stronger and wiser. The  drooping sail suggests that they may have had too much mental stimulation, symbolized by a great wind – too great to be of use in their journey, In the sky to the right, there is a remnant of storm clouds. To the left, the sky is radiantly blue. Above them a rainbow shines, making the clouds glow with the promise of a new tomorrow. The flying bird carries a message of apporaching comfort for a ew land is near, This dream-ourney can be seen as a rite of passage.The difficulties encountered during the trip coudl not have been avoided, They had to be faced and dealt with before life could proceed in a fulfilling way.”

“Think a new thought, dream a new dream. This new direction will wipe the slate clean.”

I absolutely love that write up!! As I look at the card, I see my husband and I almost to the shore, looking back at the troubles in the past; and that glorious rainbow is blessing our passage!

  •  9 of Pentacles – What better card to accompany the other? The 9 of Pentacles personifies Abundance and material security. The lady stands on top of a mound, Queen of her domain, with profuse flowering all around her. The garden is lush. In the book it mentions that “she has stopped beneath a sacred tree which blossoms with the promise of an abundant harvest in the future. She has earned this moment of relaxation and solitary leisure in the charming place that she has created”…..

How wonderful! As readers of my musings know, my family has been through the wars, both emotionally and financially and have been wondering if we were going to make it, or be another casualty. I am very grateful to see these cards today, very firmly telling me that “no” the ship won’t go down! that you’re almost to the shore and will get to enjoy smelling the roses soon 🙂

I’m finding a whole new delight in my collection of cards, writing this blog! Between this group of writers, we will spur many buying sprees! lol

An update:

I’ve been absent today, which is hard on me! there have been family matters pressing that have kept me from uploading my reading.

The other day, I posted a playing card reading:            

I had the right ideas, but was wrong in who I thought it related to. The 2 of Spades is definitely upsetting news, and the Queen of Hearts can represent a female loved one. In this particular case, it refers to my grown step-daughter, who has had some health problems this year. The 5 of Spades is the strange card though; I thought it must have to do with anger and loss, like the loss of a relationship etc. but it wasn’t. The 5 of Spades can encompass frustration, loss, anger, restlessness…Kapherus also mentioned on his blog once that an older symbolic meaning is “a hand holding a knife” or denote a surgical procedure….the act of cutting, or cutting away….

This is very very strange, but it seems that my step daughter all of a sudden had severe eye pain in both her eyes, that got so bad that she had a friend take her to the hospital. The specialist there asked if she had just injured her eyes, which she said “no” to. He went on to say that she had 2 very defined scratches across BOTH her cornias! and that one cornia was in danger of being dislodged! She’s now on bed rest with strong medication, and my husband is catching the next flight out to be with her!

The 5 of Spades, seemed to literally mean upset, frustration AND cutting/scratching.

It is a complete mystery! I think I had a draw on my Lenormand blog that was hinting at this too, I will have to check.

So at any rate, I’m rushing around trying to help hubby get ready to go– will be online tomorrow without a doubt.  How strange is all of this??