Linda Goodman’s Star Cards~

I thought that I would use a set that hasn’t seen the light of day for a couple of years!! I went on a buying spree a few years ago, and collected different things, and then stuck to my tarot – now I’m rediscovering some of those of those great purchases…glad I’m not biased anymore! lol

This is a fascinating set of cards and book, based on the work of Linda Goodman who was famous for her astrology books, but was also very knowledgeable on numerology and other metaphysical subjects. They’re aptly named Linda Goodman’s Star cards.

I drew 2 cards, (shown above):

  • 4 Uranus – This card reminds me immediately of the Tower card in the Tarot, which says to me something unexpected, out of the blue..the pillar is crumbling and toppling, a pillar that has been there for a long time; built on the checkerboard floor, I tried to remember the significance and couldn’t! so I looked it up. The checkerboard represents the alternating pull of all fundamental dualities, the neg and the positive, the light and the dark….it’s also the mandala of Shiva, the transformer. And here, you see what had once been a solid form, is being toppled down, and transformed.

Reading from the accompanied book it says, “Uranus, the father of Saturn, is said to be the planet of disruptions and change of the old order. He revolutionizes; he breaks down old belief systems and establishes new structures.After the almighty shake-up, there is an awakening..”

  • 1 Sun – The Sun card is dominated by a big golden lion. This brings a couple of things to mind; The Lion King…the one who is in command of his domain….and of course, Leo. In Egypt they worshiped the Sun, and the Sphinx (head of a lion) faced East to the Sunrise…it was calculated that the Sun rose in the Leo constellation something like 10,500 years ago and that this points to when the Sphinx might really have been built! The Age of Leo..

“Spotlight is on you. The magnificent golden rays of the Sun are all powerful and your creative energies abound. You hold the ability to achieve your ambitions. Dreams come true. Expect a miracle!”

Wow! so old ways of Life are falling away, and literally a new age is dawning in my experience. Very very promising! The other thing that hit me, strictly intuitively, is the crumbling away, or like the Tower, shocking news, coming from/or about a Leo in my life… that would be my ex, again…

So this may have 2 very different meanings. I will definitely take the first!.

9 comments on “Linda Goodman’s Star Cards~

  1. Wow, you’ve been having quite a few readings like this, all leading up to some unexpected, life changing event! Twins??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    These are neat cards. I read “Star Signs” many years ago and really enjoyed it. This would be a fun deck to have.

  2. Ha ha! that would certainly be life changing! lol
    I’ve read Star Signs & Sun Signs, but have you ever read her massive book, “Gooberz”? That is an incredible work – it’s profound.

    Yes! I don’t know why I never really got into these cards before, guess I was distracted- I feel like I was just given a wonderful gift…one I bought around 4 years ago!!!

  3. What an interesting deck!
    I saw the pillar and a few things came to mind – the dangers of “putting one on a pedestal” because the fall is harder when the bottom is knocked out from under them and the bigger they are the harder they fall…
    The interesting thing is that these two cards (to me) almost perfectly highlights the circle of life (sorry about the Lion King reference, lol)… Endings and beginings need each other. They are opposites, but they are partners.
    I love that the sun is shining brightly from behind the clouds in the sun card – a new day dawns and we can be proud of what we accomplish, as we can be courageous in facing what lies before us.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi Spirity,

    What lovely cards! I do think it means the first meaning that you mentioned – the old ways crumbling and a new age dawning.

    Can’t wait to see what cards you use next!


  5. No, I never read Gooberz. I was a little confused by all the references to that book in “Star Signs”. Is Gooberz written entirely in that strange prose? That kinda threw me off a bit, because I find that style of writing difficult to wade through.

  6. Hi Contessa-
    Yes they definitely represent opposites!
    I liked the Sun shining through the clouds as well, and since I feel like I’ve had alot of clouds lately!! that was an encouraging sign!
    The whole Lion King reference is totally a correct one 🙂 and why I mentioned the age of Leo connected to Egypt…..I heard in a lecture of Jordan Maxwell’s that Disney was aware of the astro-theology concepts…

  7. Hi Sammie! I think it’s the first meaning too, and it was very welcomed by my Spirit…
    I’ve had a wonky day today and haven’t been able to post my draws yet..,will try to get them up by tonight,.

  8. You know Kiki,
    I had to go pull the book down off the shelf and look at it, it’s been quite a few years….yes, it’s in that “funny prose”! lol but it was a profound book, all the same!

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