An update:

I’ve been absent today, which is hard on me! there have been family matters pressing that have kept me from uploading my reading.

The other day, I posted a playing card reading:            

I had the right ideas, but was wrong in who I thought it related to. The 2 of Spades is definitely upsetting news, and the Queen of Hearts can represent a female loved one. In this particular case, it refers to my grown step-daughter, who has had some health problems this year. The 5 of Spades is the strange card though; I thought it must have to do with anger and loss, like the loss of a relationship etc. but it wasn’t. The 5 of Spades can encompass frustration, loss, anger, restlessness…Kapherus also mentioned on his blog once that an older symbolic meaning is “a hand holding a knife” or denote a surgical procedure….the act of cutting, or cutting away….

This is very very strange, but it seems that my step daughter all of a sudden had severe eye pain in both her eyes, that got so bad that she had a friend take her to the hospital. The specialist there asked if she had just injured her eyes, which she said “no” to. He went on to say that she had 2 very defined scratches across BOTH her cornias! and that one cornia was in danger of being dislodged! She’s now on bed rest with strong medication, and my husband is catching the next flight out to be with her!

The 5 of Spades, seemed to literally mean upset, frustration AND cutting/scratching.

It is a complete mystery! I think I had a draw on my Lenormand blog that was hinting at this too, I will have to check.

So at any rate, I’m rushing around trying to help hubby get ready to go– will be online tomorrow without a doubt.  How strange is all of this??