The Enchanted Tarot~

I pulled from my collection of tarot decks The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber. I bought this years ago, because of how it came into creation. Amy Zerber is a fabric artist/quilter who put her talents to creating the entire tarot deck as quilt art! Having been a quilter for many years, I was awestruck! lol I haven’t looked at this deck in a long time, and just sifting through the cards, I am once again, greatly impressed for what she created. I drew these 2 cards for my daily draw:

If you click on the picture, youll be able to see more closely all the work that went into creating these!

  • The 6 of Swords – I really liked what was written about the 6 of swords in the book that came with the deck: 

 “Moving away at last, from the turbulent seas, a small boat sails into calmer waters. Its passengers seem to be arriving at a safe haven. Their attitude is relaxed and they can now look back almost fondly on their past efforts knowing that the hardships have made them stronger and wiser. The  drooping sail suggests that they may have had too much mental stimulation, symbolized by a great wind – too great to be of use in their journey, In the sky to the right, there is a remnant of storm clouds. To the left, the sky is radiantly blue. Above them a rainbow shines, making the clouds glow with the promise of a new tomorrow. The flying bird carries a message of apporaching comfort for a ew land is near, This dream-ourney can be seen as a rite of passage.The difficulties encountered during the trip coudl not have been avoided, They had to be faced and dealt with before life could proceed in a fulfilling way.”

“Think a new thought, dream a new dream. This new direction will wipe the slate clean.”

I absolutely love that write up!! As I look at the card, I see my husband and I almost to the shore, looking back at the troubles in the past; and that glorious rainbow is blessing our passage!

  •  9 of Pentacles – What better card to accompany the other? The 9 of Pentacles personifies Abundance and material security. The lady stands on top of a mound, Queen of her domain, with profuse flowering all around her. The garden is lush. In the book it mentions that “she has stopped beneath a sacred tree which blossoms with the promise of an abundant harvest in the future. She has earned this moment of relaxation and solitary leisure in the charming place that she has created”…..

How wonderful! As readers of my musings know, my family has been through the wars, both emotionally and financially and have been wondering if we were going to make it, or be another casualty. I am very grateful to see these cards today, very firmly telling me that “no” the ship won’t go down! that you’re almost to the shore and will get to enjoy smelling the roses soon 🙂

I’m finding a whole new delight in my collection of cards, writing this blog! Between this group of writers, we will spur many buying sprees! lol