Kipper cards!

Hooray! my first play with the Mystical Kipper! now don’t get too excited…I don’t think they’ve actually come out with an English version yet, at any rate, mine aren’t. I decided to scan them in and do some fiddling in Paint Shop Pro to give English translations to the cards….(I really am a Virgo! lol) The artwork on these are wonderful. I’ve tried 2 or 3 throws, and my daughter did one too…they were apt and not too difficult understand. I think they will be a fun addition, especially just for a daily draw practice:)  I drew:

  • (15)Love & Friendship,
  • (26)Great Happiness &
  • (7)Good Letters

To me, there is either great news coming from our good friend, that the deal is done and we’re celebrating 🙂 OR I end up receiving a really loving email from my spouse who’s away from home at the moment! Both would be nice! lol

These cards are so cute!!