Sacred Path cards & Medicine cards

I decided to draw one card from my Sacred Path Cards and also one card from “Medicine Cards for Every Day.” I thought they might go well together.

  • West Shield – this name has some personal significance that I can’t write about now, but just know that it made me laugh! The title is “Instrospection/Goals” – how appropiate! because that’s exactly what I am doing today! Anytime my mate is gone, I end of spending a couple of days just focusing on myself, and deciding what it is that I want to bring into my life. Because it’s quiet, and there aren’t really any distractions, I get alot of thinking and planning done! I have also been wanting to create a Vision Board for quite awhile, so I think today would be a perfect time to decide on those things I want to manifest, and create this collage representing those things! This card also says that it may be time to Enter the Silence…..

  • The Eagle – This blew me away! Just before drawing this card this morning, I looked out of the back of the house…we live on a really pretty lake, and lo and behold! a bald eagle came swooping down and landed in our tree!! I watch them often as they fish, but it isn’t too often that they come and hang out in our back yard! lol I felt that seeing it there was a very strong message to me….and then here is this card! I really need to take time today, just to be still and Connect…I think there is an experience waiting to manifest as well 🙂

I felt humbled by this draw. BOTH of these cards are giving the same message….it’s time to go within, to be still, and listen to that inner voice.

I am really amazed at just how accurate the different oracles are reflecting different aspects of my daily life. I had been such a tarot “snob” ! lol, but now, I am really appreciating all these other systems that compliment the tarot really well. God I love cards!! LOL