Sacred Path cards & Medicine cards

I decided to draw one card from my Sacred Path Cards and also one card from “Medicine Cards for Every Day.” I thought they might go well together.

  • West Shield – this name has some personal significance that I can’t write about now, but just know that it made me laugh! The title is “Instrospection/Goals” – how appropiate! because that’s exactly what I am doing today! Anytime my mate is gone, I end of spending a couple of days just focusing on myself, and deciding what it is that I want to bring into my life. Because it’s quiet, and there aren’t really any distractions, I get alot of thinking and planning done! I have also been wanting to create a Vision Board for quite awhile, so I think today would be a perfect time to decide on those things I want to manifest, and create this collage representing those things! This card also says that it may be time to Enter the Silence…..

  • The Eagle – This blew me away! Just before drawing this card this morning, I looked out of the back of the house…we live on a really pretty lake, and lo and behold! a bald eagle came swooping down and landed in our tree!! I watch them often as they fish, but it isn’t too often that they come and hang out in our back yard! lol I felt that seeing it there was a very strong message to me….and then here is this card! I really need to take time today, just to be still and Connect…I think there is an experience waiting to manifest as well 🙂

I felt humbled by this draw. BOTH of these cards are giving the same message….it’s time to go within, to be still, and listen to that inner voice.

I am really amazed at just how accurate the different oracles are reflecting different aspects of my daily life. I had been such a tarot “snob” ! lol, but now, I am really appreciating all these other systems that compliment the tarot really well. God I love cards!! LOL

2 comments on “Sacred Path cards & Medicine cards

  1. Hi Spirity,

    These two decks do compliment each other very well. It is great to live in a place that is close to nature. We have a lot of hawks that live in the trees near out house – I love the funny screech sound they make.


  2. They do, don’t they?!
    We can spend hours just enjoying feeding 2 squirrells 🙂 and we have a family of 11 baby ducks that waddle up to the deck from the lake to get their bits of bread!
    It’s those kind of things that give us the most pleasure.

    When we lived in Montana, we were probably a rarity, in that we preferred to feed and enjoy the deer, rather than hunt them. We’d look out at dusk and the lawn would be filled with them! lol


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