I couldn’t resist sharing another Kipper draw, I just adore this artwork!

This has a bit of mystery to it! lol (If you click on the images, you can see a more detailed pic)

  • A Small Child =  Something new coming, of a positive nature…even possibly a BABY! lol oh brother! OR maybe it’s the beginning of something…
  • Meetings= Whether it’s business or social, I don’t know..but it represents meetings or get-togethers.. or a coming together! lol
  • High Honour to Come= Success! or something to do with one’s occupation.


A couple of things came to mind for this draw;

1) possibly someone who has wanted a baby for some time is going to get their wish! or

2) there is success with business meetings that starts everything rolling (oh please!) this could be the meetings with the lawyers to settle the legal dispute, or meetings within the business that lands the big deal…. I’m really not sure! but it definitely looks good.

I really like the “High Honours to Come” card! I’ll take it! lol