The Victoria Regina Tarot

I have tried and tried to show these cards as thumbnails!! and WordPress just doesn’t want to co-operate today! lol so forgive my huge cards today!

I have been really inspired by my friend, Tarot Dame, and the way she intuitively reads different tarot decks, so I thought I would try to unscramble my brain, and try it more her way 🙂

 I’ve had the Victoria Regina tarot for a few years, I like to collect different art in the tarot, but hardly ever read with it. I thought it would be a great deck to experiment with, and I was right! 

What hit me instantly, was that this was talking about the Guru crook that my husband has just won a court case against!

Here she’s depicted as everyone’s Queen. The people are all puny nobodys next to her All Mighty…and they look up at her and give away their power to her! It also shows what a grandiose self-perception she has of herself, compared to the rest of the world!

The next card is the 10 of Swords, or in this instance, the 10 of Rifles! lol This is what immediately made me think of her, as she has hidden her scam by residing in the Wild West, where law is easy to skirt around…..until NOW! She is finished with all the Rifles in the back…..the other thought that came to me is that there might be some old fashioned Cowboy justice coming the way of this Queen, if she’s not careful!

The last card is the Devil. What struck me about this card was that the Devil is shown as a masked clown. Someone who does not show their real face to the public (she never has)- and Oh WOW! if you look closely at this card, you will see that the smiling clown is holding up their real face high above the 2 people–and it’s a real ogre looking face. To me this shows the true nature of the person, that is being carefully hidden, as she cajoles and manipulates the people caught in her snare. Something else caught my eye as well; in front of them is a small tree..tree of knowledge? probably only pretending to be! and at the very top of this tree is a small cross…as the Devil is trying to pass itself off as a Spiritual leader! But look at that tree!! it’s not thriving at all…it only has one weak branch left, clinging on for dear life….this tells me that her “spiritual business” scam is almost through. She has taken a mortal wound, and that she probably only has a few faithful diehards left to control.

WOW!! LOL  They just fit that situation so impeccably well.  I‘m going to have to have to try reading my other decks this way and see what comes 🙂 Thank you Kiki, for re-igniting my interest in Tarot!