I did it! I broke down!

I did it! I definitely broke down….I discovered the name of a deck of cards that I’ve been fascinated with for over 10 years, that a little old lady (pro psychic) in the UK uses exclusively for reading her clients. She never knew the name (or maybe didn’t want me to know! lol I’m not so sure now 🙂  )

She gave absolutely phenomenal readings with them, and managed to literally predict that my now husband and I would come together about 2 years before he had a clue! Every year we go back to her in the UK and both have readings, and sure enough her predictions are about 95% accurate.

So I was shocked when I stumbled on a page on the web that finally broke the mystery. The next thing was to research where on earth I could get them from, they’re not too easy to find. I was embroiled in a bidding war for a set of these cards and it’s book, yesterday, but lost. I have just found them at Mandrake Press in the UK online and they were reasonable! They have a wonderful collection of cards and books, check them out….

Oh! I was so excited I forgot to mention what they are! LOL brother! Have any of you heard of the The Fortune Teller’s Mah-Jongg book and card set by Derek Walters? The cards are beautiful, and based on the tiles, but prettier. Just found photos of the book and cards and placed them below:



They cost around 30 CAD with shipping, I splurged! I’ve wanted these for soooo long!

I’m looking forward to showcasing them here on this blog in the near future 🙂


4 comments on “I did it! I broke down!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this and the place where you got them. I’ve had these cards since 1988. I recently moved and now I can only find the book, not the cards. I’m heartbroken!! But now that you’ve shown me where to buy them I’m happy again!

    Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Pattie 🙂
    So glad you found my site then! it sounds like you aren’t meant to be without these cards! lucky you! I couldn’t believe that I had to look for a decade–isn’t that unreal?

    I’ve been offline the past 2 weeks with ill health, but hope to start experimenting with them and posting about them shortly.
    I’d love to hear about your experiences with the cards sometime 🙂

    Moving can be quite hard- I moved to Canada 3 years ago from the states, and I’m still just finding things that I thought were gone for good!


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