The Fairy Ring~


A few years ago, before I moved up to Canada, my kids bought me “The Fairy Ring” cards and book set for a birthday present. At the time, I was collecting everything “fairies” as inspiration in learning to sculpt. Due to lots of upheaval, the sculpting plans were put on the back burner, (but not forgotten!).

Today I pulled them out, for the very first time to read! I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time!

I selected 2 cards, and they turned out to be very appropiate at that! Here they are:

click on each card to see them better!

I pulled the 9 Pixie (who’s having a bit of fun with me, messing up this post!) and the 6 Aine.

  • The Pixie’s divinatory meaning tells me that I have been going through a difficult time lately, but the playful pixies are asking me to stop taking everything so seriously (!), lighten up, and have some fun! “Laughter is the best medicine”…I need to try to recover a little of this feeling…
  • Aine’s story revolved around an Earl who fell in love with her, and they married 🙂 The divinatory meaning with her is that she hearalds harmony, new romance (there we go again! lol) marriage etc.

So putting those two together, it’s pretty obvious to me that the fairies are saying that it’s going to be up to me to lighten up the relationship and bring in some fun. Although, my husband has officially won his long court battle, it’s not done, and he is very battle weary….everything is very very serious with him at the moment.

What hit me immediately when I saw these 2 cards, was that I had to take him to see the movie, “Mama Mia!” with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge…go see this movie! you will laugh your socks off! I’m not kidding! I went with my 16 year old daughter, and we had the very best afternoon…and found that we couldn’t stop singing Abba tunes for days afterwards 🙂

So I have already hit my husband, and we have plans to see the flick tomorrow afternoon–HOORAY!

(Maybe the Angel Chantell is a conspirator….)

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