Using Sammie’s spread :)

Sammie introduced a spread on her blog that I really liked. I’ve used it with Playing cards and it worked really well…my plan was to originally publish that one, but it was a little too personal and would make me blush! lol so just this once, I’m going to post a Lenormand version of the spread. I won’t normally feature Lenormand here, because I have a separate blog dedicated to it, but being short on time, I thought I’d share this one:

I think I’m going to call this the “I’ spread, because it looks like a capital “I” –

The way I went about interpreting it was that the bottom part of the “I” is what I’m dealing with or hearing about now (present circmstances) and the top part of the “I” is something coming shortly.

I went on to assign the middle vertical as the Summary, or the Trigger point. The cross fans give a little more info….   so here it goes! :



The Bottom – Present: Tower+Mountain+Ship –  For me, I think this represent that there have been legal delays with the situation at a distance in the states….after just being awarded judgement, it’s been impossible to get a hold of the lawyer to finish business! very frustrating-

The Top – What’s coming: House+Horseman+Book – I could take this a couple of ways; I might have a surprise (book) visitor coming to the home, or there could be a surprise new addition to the home (???) or there is surprising news coming to the family… or we’re starting on a new project around the house (Horseman+Book).

Any of the above could be it, or all of the above could be it! lol will just have to wait and see –

Vertical stem- Summary or Trigger point: Horseman+Woman+Mountain –  I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to hear from, or news about the woman (crook) who is 1) distant, 2)lonely &/or a loner 3) isolated, 4) lives in the mountains!

Criss cross 1- Tower+Woman+Book – I can’t help it, I keep getting that there is going to be a secret revealed around this woman, possibly to do with her other legal matters (she has numerous) this seems to say “Big secret”! lol

Criss Cross 2 – House+Woman+Ship- If this is the same woman, then it looks like she’s moving away, moving house again (something she’s done quite a few times) –

That tells an interesting story…. and like Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger layout, when you combine the other cards with the woman, it doesn’t necessarily refer to you! just something that is in your field at the moment. As I was writing this up, another story came to me, that popped as well  –

I wonder if this might be referring to a woman connected to the family who lives at a distance? (House+Woman+Ship)  like hubby’s daughter in NF?

The bottom “I”, (Tower+Mountain+Ship) could be describing delays upon delays around her transferring from her banking job there….she is wanting to move away and onto something else.

The top “I”, (House+Horseman+Book) could be saying that we get a surprise visit from her, or she surprises us by moving back home for awhile….

The other cross, (Tower+Woman+Book) would show surprises around her work, or something revealed about it…. it could also describe her researching other positions within the banking field…

I came to this completely different idea, because of the stem of the “I”. (Horseman+Woman+Mountain) said to me “news coming from the distant, reserved woman”…and that’s definitely my stepdaughter! lol she’s a very very lovely gal, good heart, but she is definitely a bean counter!

So this exercise with Sammie’s great spread, is either having to do with legal issues that we have, or job/banking issues with our daughter.

This is a great spread Sammie! I got alot of information with it, and equally so with the playing card version that I did. This is a keeper!  Thanks for sharing it 🙂