They Arrived!!!! woohoo!!!

I was so excited to discover that my Tea Leaf Fortune cards had arrived in the post! I’ve seen the card/book set listed at Amazon, but I had better luck on Ebay.

 After quickly, (and secretly) thumbing through the book, I was dying to play. Although Rae Hepburn recommends first doing the year spread, mainly to merge your energy with the cards, I couldn’t wait! lol

So I shuffled all the tea leaf cards, which is a feat in itself and did a daily draw with them just to see what would come up. I cut the deck into 3 piles and turned over the top one of each. It really was appropiate too! so I’m looking forward to a late night reading tonight!

Here’s what I drew:  the Bridge, the Fox, the Nest……

Please click on the images to see them in more detail..

The Bridge: “Successfully overcoming a problem…The bridge signifies that a problem which has been bothering you will be successfully overcome”

The Fox: “Shrewdness and resourcefulness especially in business.”

The Nest: “An emotionally secure, loving famiy is important to you.

I was thrilled to see this combintation, I must admit. For me, in the Lenormand, the Fox refers to work as well. It seems that something is about to happen in such a way that we are able to get our emotional and financial security back………something is happening on the work front that changes the mood within the home..

We are feeling the shift all ready; there is a sense of optimism and looking forward and planning. It’s been a long time since we’ve done that.

I LOVE THESE CARDS!! LOL  I can tell I’m going to bond with them easily 🙂 and as someone who has been learning to read tea leaves over the past year, I know that this set will also be fantastic for adding to my knowledge. I’m am so excited! lol   (it only takes a new deck of cards to get me in a wonderful mood….my needs are simple!)

3 comments on “They Arrived!!!! woohoo!!!

  1. Very cool! I’ve been watching for these cards on and off at used bookstores and the like. I know some readers that really love them, so I know they can be quite useful.

  2. Hi Spirity,

    Hooray! Now if we want we can do Tea Leaf Card readings together. I love mine, too. Tomorrow is my day for the fortnightly Tea Leaf Card reading – I look forward to seeing what cards turn up and how the last cards panned out.

    I’m really glad things are looking up for you and your family!


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