The Gypsy cards…(Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten)

On my sister site, The Lenormand Oracle, I have a draw that seemed to be saying that I would get news of an accident or a surgery with someone I know at a distance. I also did a draw with the Gyspy cards, (which Madame Seaqueen has a great series of pages on the meanings of) and they also seemed to echo the same message…   here they are:


  • The Journey can represent travel of course, a vacation…but it can also mean an emergency situation.  Considering the next card I drew, I’m leaning in that direction…
  • Misfortune just isn’t a nice card! it’s a card of warning. As MS puts it, “potential mishap or freak circumstances”..something totally unexpected!
  • Lover- now on the face of it, my first thought was of my present husband ( a reasonable assumption! lol and it might well be about him, although I hope not. Because of some dreams and other draws, I also wonder if this is referring to my ex-husband? it’s a funny thing with my ex- we are still psychically linked into one another; when one of us gets into difficulty, the other knows about it. We’ve had some amazing OBE’s in past years together….so I really don’t know, this could be talking about him.

So in summary, there is either a mishap on the road with either my husband or my ex (I know, very strange 🙂 ) or something more…

Believe me when I say I will update!!