Tea Leaf Cards- August

Recently I received Rae Hepburn’s set, The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I think they’re smashing 🙂

I finally got some time to do the recommended Year Spread, and took pictures and wrote it down- some months look really good, others not so..isn’t that the way. I thought, that I would share at the beginning of each month, what was shown in that spread, and at the end of it, how it actually related (or not) to my life. Here’s a picture of the Year Spread, before turning over the different cards:

I was so excited as I put out the cards! lol I felt like a spy, because I was sneaking around–I haven’t admitted yet that I purchased these! lol  oh brother! like being a kid again…

You can click on the pictures to get a better view of them-

At any rate, here is what I got for the month of August:

The Claw, the Door, The Egg, The Yoke…

  • The Claw- “this card is warning for you to take extra care during this time-frame, and under no circumstances should you take any kind of risk”
  • The Door- “Opportunities are waiting for you. This symbol indicates that there are opportunities waiting for the querist. You must not be afraid to open the door and go through it ot see what opportunities lie on the other side.”
  • The Egg- A golden egg lies in a nest on the fork of a tree branch. the egg denotes success is assured but only if you plan properly and work hard,….success can evade you without the proper planning and work.
  • The Yoke- “This card signifies that you feel tied down and frustrated in some aspect of your life and wish to break free. Do not rely on someone else to set you free.”

I thought this was a strange first reading, honestly! lol I’d be interested in Sammie’s take on these cards… On one hand, they’re telling me not to take risks….and then on the other hand, they’re telling me that only if I’m willing to open the door, will the success be on the other side….and if I open this door and receive this success, I am then going to feel trapped by my wonderful creation!!

What do I do with that? maybe it’s trying to give me the old addage, “watch what you wish for, because you might just get it!” (and then not know what to do with it!)…..

Any other takes on this?