The Oracle Ge


I couldn’t resist pulling out the Oracle Ge before I “closed up shop” for my trip. I’m certainly glad I did now! These cards fascinate me.

The Elephant (#38) – represent signs of revival, and of emotional stability within a couple. The elephant is a positive influence. The elephant says that if your current situation has been difficult, then there’s a chance for it to turn to your advantage.

The Butterfly (#13) – is a symbol that I love, no matter what. As I suspected, it represents a metamorphis towards a more positive state. There is a transformation at hand. It”s the end of a cycle, a rebirth… on an emotional level, there is a turning to a more peaceful, soft state. A relationship is transformed…

The Old Man (#52) – made me laugh. I don’t think of my husband as an old man (and yet I know this is referring to him) He is 10 years older than I am, so there is a bit of a generational difference, but not alot. In reading about this card though, it describes a character who’s a “grumbler” and is set in his habits and old ways… this does fit my mate actually (haha).

So putting these cards together, it seems as though there is going to be a positive change with my husband shortly…more of a return to how he used to be…and an improvement in our relationship.

I’d like that more than anything! so thank you Oracle Ge- you’ve been dead-on about the awful stuff, so I sure hope that you are dead-on with the good stuff! lol

Playing card draw (me)

I drew these cards last night, and found that they definitely correlate with other drawings of recent. I’m not near my scanner, so I randomly chose images off the net that I thought were interesting 🙂 They don’t go together, but I like them anyway! lol

The 9 of Diamonds can represent a change in attitude, our hopes and wishes.

The 8 of Clubs can mean about “working things out”, “talking things through.”

The Ace of Hearts can refer to family matters.

So as Kapherus so wonderfully pointed out to me, this can refer to my own changes of attitude towards a family matter…..or it can represent someone else close to me, wanting to work things through around a family matter. Both seem to be true 🙂

The 8 of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts can also refer to working at home (which we do); and the 9 of Diamonds can represent unexpected money coming; a refund check, a wire transfer, money above what you normally would receive….this would be very welcome also!

The 8 of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts could also represent work being done around the house, and a change in attitude towards doing that– that would be true too. We originally planned on converting our separate 2 storey garage into a garage with an upstairs guest apartment/studio for me.

Now that we are considering moving next year, we’re not sure it would really be worth doing- yes we would get more return, but for alot of hassle, so that’s being pondered.

My husband pulled these cards this morning:

The 8 of Clubs card we shared… it means working things through, talking things out..with the Queen of Hearts (me) and moving on. The 6 of Spades has many meanings, but it was very clear to me that this was meaning putting the past, or what has not been working to rest, and moving forward in a new manner- breaking the pattern. The 6 of Spades can mean making progress.

If the 8 of Clubs hadn’t been there, I would have been thinking of this very differently! But I am certain that it’s about working through and moving forward… it is what we both want; there’s been enough stress for 100 people, we don’t want to lose each other as well…

So I’m feeling a bit better about things after all these draws…

Oracle Ge


I must admit, I’m increasingly impressed with the Oracle Ge deck – it is definitely getting to the heart of things. Here, we have the Snake card. It describes treachery, manipulation, jealousy etc.

Yesterday, I encountered a very strong case of manipulation/jealousy against me, by my husband! He turned on me when I mentioned that sometime down the road, when my daughter is of age, I’d like to take a mother/daughter trip to Ireland. My late mother and I did a similar trip when I came of age, and it was very special. I want to do the same with my daughter. He turned on me with a great deal of VENOM. There was definitely jealousy, and attempted manipulation; and when I wouldn’t back away from my position, he turned nasty.

The Pansy card represents thought,.

The Woman, I feel, represents me.

I took another card to see if I could get more info, and pulled the card Balance. This shows that I am carefully weighing my options and thoughts after this episode…. If I read the translation correctly, it might also point at things balancing out between us; but for now, I take it as my actions. I’m carefully considering my next move.

I have just done my first Mah Jongg reading, and it’s fascinating (at least to me! lol)

I hope to publish it after lunch – I’ve got to take care of my husband’s students first! then I’ll be back 🙂 hopefully with a camera to photograph the spread!



Linda Goodman’s Star cards~

I thought I would do a 2 card draw, from Linda Goodman’s Star cards, asking what I most needed to know. I was quite surprised by the result!

The 1st card is The Magician – “This is an extremely fortunate, profound and mystical number (15)- Linda’s favorite. The one who holds this magic wand has the divine power to control and manipulate events.This truly is the rainbow’s pot of gold bringing great joy, light, and hope into areas of darkness, manifesting miracles along the way. The number 15 reduces to the single number of 6 and vibrates to the planet Venus, the planet of love. Wave your wand of alchemy. It is at your command. Sprinkle that stardust generously and remember at all times that this wonderful vibration is magical.

The 2nd card is Neptune- “The planet Neptune was known to the Romans as the god of the sea and represents spirituality, sympathy, mystery, and illusion. Neptune rules the ocean kingdom, the mysteries in our lives, and governs the subconscious. He has enormous capacity to help us transcend human consciousness and to take us to the next level, to the world of human psyche and intuition. Father Neptune helps us discover what is behind the facade of the visible world.

Your intuition and clairvoyance have great influence over your friends and family. You readily know when help is needed and have an incredible calming effect on those around you.”

What I get from these 2 cards is that they are telling me that I am entering a time where I will have strong command over my intuition and clairvoyance. I’m hoping that it means I will see an upsurge in my visions-

It also sounds as though I will be in a great place to keep circumstances and people calm. Mainly, I feel that these 2 cards are telling me to visualize what I want now, because I will be able to access deeper levels now, and control the energy positively.

What a nice draw- and very unexpected! It’s time to do my Creation Board 🙂

Gypsy cards~

On one hand, this draw feels that it goes in tandem with my Lenormand draw; as I am thinking very strongly about my marriage and how I want to go forward (or not)– deep down, I do want to go forward, and I am loyal to the core of my being…. I had considered separating recently, but as these cards show, I decided to hang in there.

On the other hand, this may describing someone I know is contemplating marriage and commitment….as my eldest son has just bought his first house and is going to live with his love and her 2 young children, it might be that he is considering making their family arrangement more official.. at this point, I really don’t know 🙂

time will tell!

Playing cards-

This 3 card draw with the playing cards, seems to reflect my Lenormand draw of today as well.

The 3 of Clubs represents opportunities for growth, expansion, and good judgement. It can also mean investing for the future, or something that starts small but will grow…it can literally be a developing business. (As I wrote on my Lenormand blog, I’ve been thinking about starting a very small, one woman, part-time creative craft enterprise….that I can do at my own pace)

The 6 of Spades can represent the end of one phase and the beginning of another. I definitely feel that that’s what I’m experiencing at the moment….I’m morphing! lol The 6 of Spades can mean the moving forward with projects, or moving on emotionally

And the Queen of Cups represents me.

So in lieu of my thoughts recently, and my lenormand draw, I think this is reinforcing that I’m on the right track, personally, for now. If I decided to go forward into the kind of scarey prospect of being a crafter/entrepreneur, I would probably do ok! starting very small , with room to grow.

I am definitely going to take this as a sign that I should continue with my thoughts, and do some investigating further. Kinda cool! even if I do say so myself! lol

Oracle Ge cards~


I received on my Birthday, (coincidentally) a package from my friend in the UK with the Oracle ge cards in it. I LOVE THESE CARDS! I remember Aristede experimenting with these cards, as well as Sammie, and being really intrigued by them. Now it’s my turn to explore:)

As I shuffled, I was asking about the current state of my marriage…ie, “would all this pass, and would we get in a better place?” And here’s what I drew:

The Pyramid- emotional relationship stable and enriching.. Success, an elevation in social or professional status…

The Fields-  Rest, peace and quiet, the countryside…

At the emotional level: this card announces a love affair is calm and peaceful, a very good agreement reigns within your couple. You and your spouse bring comfort and comprehension mutually.

The Rose- Happiness,confidence, inner well being. Agreement in the couple, all is well. At the emotional level: this card announces a stable, sincere relation which brings an immense happiness to you, a very good agreement reigns in your emotional life.

 I spent a couple of days trying to translate a website with meanings for the Oracle Ge cards and copy and pasted a tiny bit of the meanings here- I will have to go through it all to make more sense of the translations.

This looks good though, it showing it pretty solid, and coming into a peaceful alignment….It is my sincerest wish. I am trying very hard to pivot and not harbor resentment over the past month. I’m usually pretty forgiving, but this episode crossed a line that’s very hard to erase.

These cards look good never the less..

 Idid another draw over the weekend, and it reflected the state of things for that day very well; I look forward to getting in tune with this deck-

September Tea Leaf fortune reading~



Please click on the picture for a closer look:

For September, I drew The Leg, Needle & Thread, Fair Man, Crown

The Leg: This card indicates that you will be stepping into a new experience during the timeframe shown.

Needle & Thread: A Sincere wish will be granted. A silken thread slos through the eye of a small needle. It is important that the needle is threaded because only then will a wish be granted. This symbol indicates that a truly sincere wish, dear to the querist’s heart, will be granted.

Fair Man:  Dealings or relationship with a man with blond, gray, or white hair. However, the symbol does not indicate whether the man is a friend or a foe, or whether the relationship will be of a romantic, business, or social nature.

Crown: Honor and respect will come to you. This symbol indicates that you will soon receive the honor and respect that has been due you for some time.

This is such a contrast to last month! If I knew these cards (which I don’t) these would be the kind of cards I would want to see! so I am very relieved to see them.

It struck me that this month would be a very different affair from last; that I was entering into a much nicer experience, one where a dear heartfelt desire would manifest, and one in which the fair haired man (most likely my husband) would somehow bestow more love and respect towards me. I have seen a change already in the last 2 days–so I’m fascinated with these cards!

If someone had asked me what my dearest wish would have been in July or August, let me tell you that it would have been very different from the wish that I now clearly hold. Financial is always in the background, but after the turmoil of August, my only wish is re-establish the close connection I once felt with my mate. It is going to take alot to undo the damage of the last few weeks, to be honest, but I really want my marriage to recover from this time, and move forward from strength to strength.

These cards seem to be saying that my husband will be working to move our relationship into a much more positive place. If the Needle & Thread card hadn’t been there, I probably would have thought of alternative ideas around this combo, but that is my sincerest wish, to make this unusual marriage the very best it can be …..

I will definitely update on this monthly draw at the end of September, and see how the cards did 🙂


Tea Leaf Fortune cards- August update:

If you click on the picture, you can see the cards better 🙂 

At the beginning of August, I began my experimenting with my new set of Tea Leaf cards. I decided to do a year long spread, and post about each month. Well, August has just come to a close, and frankly, I was haunted by the month’s spread.

I had playfully done it, at a time when things were pretty much ok, and full of promise, but as the month went on, things got really strange.

The Claw, kept warning not to take risks, and that somehow, with the  Door and the Egg, something really wonderful was on it’s way to me,….if only I didn’t blow it and act out of character! The Yoke went on to sum up how I would feel the entire month of August; imprisoned, stuck, unable to make a change, tied down!  IT WAS AWFUL!

If any of you read my Lenormand blog, you will know that I had major personal problems with my mate during the month; and frankly, had I had the means I would have left, (sorry to say)-

All through the upset, I kept having the Claw card flash through my mind as a warning: don’t do anything foolish, something good is about to knock at your door…and although you feel very burdened, lay low!!  Well, I took that advice, and I think it saved me from some real tragedy.

I’m now looking at these cards with a real respect – not fun and games, let me tell you!

I will be shortly sharing September’s theme on the blog, and thankfully, it’s better than August! These cards are incredible, and I’m so glad that I was able to obtain them. Check out Ebay for them, if you’re interested.

I brought them over to my tea leaf reading friend, and she was very impressed with the set. She thought it would help in my practice of reading the cup, as well 🙂