Tea Leaf Fortune cards- August update:

If you click on the picture, you can see the cards better 🙂 

At the beginning of August, I began my experimenting with my new set of Tea Leaf cards. I decided to do a year long spread, and post about each month. Well, August has just come to a close, and frankly, I was haunted by the month’s spread.

I had playfully done it, at a time when things were pretty much ok, and full of promise, but as the month went on, things got really strange.

The Claw, kept warning not to take risks, and that somehow, with the  Door and the Egg, something really wonderful was on it’s way to me,….if only I didn’t blow it and act out of character! The Yoke went on to sum up how I would feel the entire month of August; imprisoned, stuck, unable to make a change, tied down!  IT WAS AWFUL!

If any of you read my Lenormand blog, you will know that I had major personal problems with my mate during the month; and frankly, had I had the means I would have left, (sorry to say)-

All through the upset, I kept having the Claw card flash through my mind as a warning: don’t do anything foolish, something good is about to knock at your door…and although you feel very burdened, lay low!!  Well, I took that advice, and I think it saved me from some real tragedy.

I’m now looking at these cards with a real respect – not fun and games, let me tell you!

I will be shortly sharing September’s theme on the blog, and thankfully, it’s better than August! These cards are incredible, and I’m so glad that I was able to obtain them. Check out Ebay for them, if you’re interested.

I brought them over to my tea leaf reading friend, and she was very impressed with the set. She thought it would help in my practice of reading the cup, as well 🙂