Oracle Ge cards~


I received on my Birthday, (coincidentally) a package from my friend in the UK with the Oracle ge cards in it. I LOVE THESE CARDS! I remember Aristede experimenting with these cards, as well as Sammie, and being really intrigued by them. Now it’s my turn to explore:)

As I shuffled, I was asking about the current state of my marriage…ie, “would all this pass, and would we get in a better place?” And here’s what I drew:

The Pyramid- emotional relationship stable and enriching.. Success, an elevation in social or professional status…

The Fields-  Rest, peace and quiet, the countryside…

At the emotional level: this card announces a love affair is calm and peaceful, a very good agreement reigns within your couple. You and your spouse bring comfort and comprehension mutually.

The Rose- Happiness,confidence, inner well being. Agreement in the couple, all is well. At the emotional level: this card announces a stable, sincere relation which brings an immense happiness to you, a very good agreement reigns in your emotional life.

 I spent a couple of days trying to translate a website with meanings for the Oracle Ge cards and copy and pasted a tiny bit of the meanings here- I will have to go through it all to make more sense of the translations.

This looks good though, it showing it pretty solid, and coming into a peaceful alignment….It is my sincerest wish. I am trying very hard to pivot and not harbor resentment over the past month. I’m usually pretty forgiving, but this episode crossed a line that’s very hard to erase.

These cards look good never the less..

 Idid another draw over the weekend, and it reflected the state of things for that day very well; I look forward to getting in tune with this deck-