Oracle Ge cards~


I received on my Birthday, (coincidentally) a package from my friend in the UK with the Oracle ge cards in it. I LOVE THESE CARDS! I remember Aristede experimenting with these cards, as well as Sammie, and being really intrigued by them. Now it’s my turn to explore:)

As I shuffled, I was asking about the current state of my marriage…ie, “would all this pass, and would we get in a better place?” And here’s what I drew:

The Pyramid- emotional relationship stable and enriching.. Success, an elevation in social or professional status…

The Fields-  Rest, peace and quiet, the countryside…

At the emotional level: this card announces a love affair is calm and peaceful, a very good agreement reigns within your couple. You and your spouse bring comfort and comprehension mutually.

The Rose- Happiness,confidence, inner well being. Agreement in the couple, all is well. At the emotional level: this card announces a stable, sincere relation which brings an immense happiness to you, a very good agreement reigns in your emotional life.

 I spent a couple of days trying to translate a website with meanings for the Oracle Ge cards and copy and pasted a tiny bit of the meanings here- I will have to go through it all to make more sense of the translations.

This looks good though, it showing it pretty solid, and coming into a peaceful alignment….It is my sincerest wish. I am trying very hard to pivot and not harbor resentment over the past month. I’m usually pretty forgiving, but this episode crossed a line that’s very hard to erase.

These cards look good never the less..

 Idid another draw over the weekend, and it reflected the state of things for that day very well; I look forward to getting in tune with this deck-

4 comments on “Oracle Ge cards~

  1. Hey, I know what ur talking about… I used to have these cards several years ago… they tell u details in the short future… they r more accurate n detailed than tarrot cards… I used them for like 3 years, until i was reading for a friend and I told him he is gonna lose a friend in few weeks due to an accident… I told him his friend will suffer at hospital for few days then day… 3 weeks later all this happened…and since that day i threw the cards away… things became really scary to know all this about everybody’s future… n i decided to live day by day…

  2. then die* i had a spelling mistake :):)
    listen may be u should open ur cards for me :):)n tell me what will my future have for me :D:D

  3. I totally understand your sentiments Maria.
    I have had precognitive dreams (dreams that come true) since I was a small child. It can be a really big burden to know what’s going to happen, especially if it’s a loved one. It’s a lesson/trial I think I must have needed to learn in this lifetime. As I’ve come to understand that everyone creates their own reality/their own destiny, I have been able to take a step back from being quite as emotional as in the past. I have learnt to detach somewhat; that doesn’t mean I don’t care, but I no longer take on what I see as somehow my responsibility to “FIX”. That used to be a real burden! ‘Seeing’ things has always been a part of my life, so being compelled by the cards was a natural extension.
    There is a need when reading though, to read with compassion and with care….possibly sizing up the person you are reading for to know just how much of what you see, they are really able to cope with– do you know what I mean? I have seen things in the cards for certain people that I knew better than to tell them; and then there are others, who I know could handle anything I just have to gauge what’s appropiate, I think. I know others might disagree with that, but that’s how I deal with the cards.
    It can be scary to know things, and not everyone has the temperment to go there. Trust your feelings… maybe your own power to see, scared you as much as the event that took place? I trust there is a reason that I “know” what I “know” and have come to a place of acceptance with it.

    As for reading for you? hee hee- I only just got these cards! lol no way would I try it yet! down the road maybe 🙂 🙂


  4. This sounds like a very good Oracle Ge reading, Spirity.

    Oracle Ge can be scary accurate sometimes. Just a couple of days before Jane and the 5 kittens died, I drew 3 cards from Oracle Ge that predicted loss in our family. I read the Bird card the wrong way – I thought we would hear bad news from someone – actually, it was me calling people telling them the bad news. My grandsons and the daughter of my friend were counting on a kitten and I had to call them and tell them they had all passed away. The kids were all in tears.

    It will be a while before I can use Oracle Ge again without being reminded of that fateful 3 card draw.


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