Gypsy cards~

On one hand, this draw feels that it goes in tandem with my Lenormand draw; as I am thinking very strongly about my marriage and how I want to go forward (or not)– deep down, I do want to go forward, and I am loyal to the core of my being…. I had considered separating recently, but as these cards show, I decided to hang in there.

On the other hand, this may describing someone I know is contemplating marriage and commitment….as my eldest son has just bought his first house and is going to live with his love and her 2 young children, it might be that he is considering making their family arrangement more official.. at this point, I really don’t know 🙂

time will tell!

3 comments on “Gypsy cards~

  1. How many different types of cards do you have? Do you have a favorite? I prefer the Mah Jongg cards. They seem to be the most direct. My Tarot cards tend to leave me wondering what they’re talking about but the Mah Jongg cards always are so clear with their answers.
    It seems your Gypsy Cards also are very clear in their answers as well.

  2. Hi Pattie 🙂
    You know, I really don’t know how many cards I have! lol seriously.
    I have more tarot decks than oracles, because I studied tarot for years and collected, before I branched out into oracles. I still do tarot daily, but I’m more excited now with oracles and playing cards. Lenormand has to be my favorite, but I’m fascinated with the Oracle Ge and the MahJong cards.
    I’m going to finally get some time to myself this weekend to look over my new MahJong card set, and try out some spreads- it’s been chaos here at home, since I received them in the post, and I wasn’t willing to open them until I could savor! lol
    Hubbie is teaching a Reiki course this weekend, so I plan on doing some studying 🙂 and will of course post my thoughts. The woman who used to give me readings in England with the Mahjong cards was the most accurate reader I ever met. She told me things years ahead of time; including that I would have to have a certain operation–10 years ago she said that I would have female problems, but not to worry (haha) I would be sorted out when I was close to 50! She was right, I’m having that operation next month! (and I just turned 49!)
    I wished I lived near her now, and could apprentice with her 🙂
    I found one box filled with cards from the stack of boxes in the garage, but I know that there must be some others packed in another box- I’ll have to take a tally.
    Some I think I collected more for artwork, than for serious reading – now I’m more interested in a few core decks that I can master….different stages, I guess.


  3. Hi Spirity,

    It is hard to know what to do in a marriage when you aren’t totally happy with how someone has treated you. I do think that your husband loves you very much – you guys have been under such stress with your financial situation that it led to some unhappy things.

    I’ve been struggling with my husband for 30 years. It’s way better than it was but there are still so many days that I feel like calling it quits. Having someone love you and be kind to you shouldn’t have to be a struggle.

    often times, I wonder why in the world I put up with this for so long. Love is a weird thing – very unpredictable.


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