Linda Goodman’s Star cards~

I thought I would do a 2 card draw, from Linda Goodman’s Star cards, asking what I most needed to know. I was quite surprised by the result!

The 1st card is The Magician – “This is an extremely fortunate, profound and mystical number (15)- Linda’s favorite. The one who holds this magic wand has the divine power to control and manipulate events.This truly is the rainbow’s pot of gold bringing great joy, light, and hope into areas of darkness, manifesting miracles along the way. The number 15 reduces to the single number of 6 and vibrates to the planet Venus, the planet of love. Wave your wand of alchemy. It is at your command. Sprinkle that stardust generously and remember at all times that this wonderful vibration is magical.

The 2nd card is Neptune- “The planet Neptune was known to the Romans as the god of the sea and represents spirituality, sympathy, mystery, and illusion. Neptune rules the ocean kingdom, the mysteries in our lives, and governs the subconscious. He has enormous capacity to help us transcend human consciousness and to take us to the next level, to the world of human psyche and intuition. Father Neptune helps us discover what is behind the facade of the visible world.

Your intuition and clairvoyance have great influence over your friends and family. You readily know when help is needed and have an incredible calming effect on those around you.”

What I get from these 2 cards is that they are telling me that I am entering a time where I will have strong command over my intuition and clairvoyance. I’m hoping that it means I will see an upsurge in my visions-

It also sounds as though I will be in a great place to keep circumstances and people calm. Mainly, I feel that these 2 cards are telling me to visualize what I want now, because I will be able to access deeper levels now, and control the energy positively.

What a nice draw- and very unexpected! It’s time to do my Creation Board šŸ™‚

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