Oracle Ge


I must admit, I’m increasingly impressed with the Oracle Ge deck – it is definitely getting to the heart of things. Here, we have the Snake card. It describes treachery, manipulation, jealousy etc.

Yesterday, I encountered a very strong case of manipulation/jealousy against me, by my husband! He turned on me when I mentioned that sometime down the road, when my daughter is of age, I’d like to take a mother/daughter trip to Ireland. My late mother and I did a similar trip when I came of age, and it was very special. I want to do the same with my daughter. He turned on me with a great deal of VENOM. There was definitely jealousy, and attempted manipulation; and when I wouldn’t back away from my position, he turned nasty.

The Pansy card represents thought,.

The Woman, I feel, represents me.

I took another card to see if I could get more info, and pulled the card Balance. This shows that I am carefully weighing my options and thoughts after this episode…. If I read the translation correctly, it might also point at things balancing out between us; but for now, I take it as my actions. I’m carefully considering my next move.

2 comments on “Oracle Ge

  1. Oh Spirity,

    It is so sad when men get jealous like this and take it out on you. Sometimes, the older I get, the more I wonder what makes men tick. My husband doesn’t really get jealous but if we end up doing something he doesn’t want to do (like going to friend’s for dinner) I always have to “pay”. It makes me very upset and I wonder why he just can’t say he doesn’t want to go somewhere rather than taking it out on me afterwards.

    Oracle Ge is so accurate it’s kind of frightening. I know that after it prediected loss in our family and then 6 of my cats died, it will be a while before I’m comfortable using it again.

    Do you think your husband is going through a mid-life crisis? I think men mind getting old much more that women do.

    I so wish we lived close so we could get together for some tea and card reading (and just visiting, too!).


  2. OH Sammie,
    Your sentiments are so appreciated 🙂 it’s been a really tough 2 months for me…and I just can’t see how this is going to turn out! I’m focusing on having my surgery, and getting my health back first–time to look after #1.

    If we did live near each other, we’d have alot of fun! lol Not only would we share cards, but I think crafts and photography! I’m so glad that I’ve got you as an online friend 🙂

    As for mate, he’s very possessive, and doesn’t like to share me with anybody… time to get over it!


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