Playing card draw (me)

I drew these cards last night, and found that they definitely correlate with other drawings of recent. I’m not near my scanner, so I randomly chose images off the net that I thought were interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ They don’t go together, but I like them anyway! lol

The 9 of Diamonds can represent a change in attitude, our hopes and wishes.

The 8 of Clubs can mean about “working things out”, “talking things through.”

The Ace of Hearts can refer to family matters.

So as Kapherus so wonderfully pointed out to me, this can refer to my own changes of attitude towards a family matter…..or it can represent someone else close to me, wanting to work things through around a family matter. Both seem to be true ๐Ÿ™‚

The 8 of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts can also refer to working at home (which we do); and the 9 of Diamonds can represent unexpected money coming; a refund check, a wire transfer, money above what you normally would receive….this would be very welcome also!

The 8 of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts could also represent work being done around the house, and a change in attitude towards doing that– that would be true too. We originally planned on converting our separate 2 storey garage into a garage with an upstairs guest apartment/studio for me.

Now that we are considering moving next year, we’re not sure it would really be worth doing- yes we would get more return, but for alot of hassle, so that’s being pondered.

My husband pulled these cards this morning:

The 8 of Clubs card we shared… it means working things through, talking things out..with the Queen of Hearts (me) and moving on. The 6 of Spades has many meanings, but it was very clear to me that this was meaning putting the past, or what has not been working to rest, and moving forward in a new manner- breaking the pattern. The 6 of Spades can mean making progress.

If the 8 of Clubs hadn’t been there, I would have been thinking of this very differently! But I am certain that it’s about working through and moving forward… it is what we both want; there’s been enough stress for 100 people, we don’t want to lose each other as well…

So I’m feeling a bit better about things after all these draws…

One comment on “Playing card draw (me)

  1. Hi Spirity,

    These are comforting draws, it really looks like both of you want to work towards the same thing – a happy life together. To me, a marriage is always stronger for every storm it weathers. One can’t get through life without some bad weather.

    Where are you thinking of moving? Nova Scotia is so beautiful – I think I would hate to leave there!


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