The Oracle Ge


I couldn’t resist pulling out the Oracle Ge before I “closed up shop” for my trip. I’m certainly glad I did now! These cards fascinate me.

The Elephant (#38) – represent signs of revival, and of emotional stability within a couple. The elephant is a positive influence. The elephant says that if your current situation has been difficult, then there’s a chance for it to turn to your advantage.

The Butterfly (#13) – is a symbol that I love, no matter what. As I suspected, it represents a metamorphis towards a more positive state. There is a transformation at hand. It”s the end of a cycle, a rebirth… on an emotional level, there is a turning to a more peaceful, soft state. A relationship is transformed…

The Old Man (#52) – made me laugh. I don’t think of my husband as an old man (and yet I know this is referring to him) He is 10 years older than I am, so there is a bit of a generational difference, but not alot. In reading about this card though, it describes a character who’s a “grumbler” and is set in his habits and old ways… this does fit my mate actually (haha).

So putting these cards together, it seems as though there is going to be a positive change with my husband shortly…more of a return to how he used to be…and an improvement in our relationship.

I’d like that more than anything! so thank you Oracle Ge- you’ve been dead-on about the awful stuff, so I sure hope that you are dead-on with the good stuff! lol