The Oracle Ge


I couldn’t resist pulling out the Oracle Ge before I “closed up shop” for my trip. I’m certainly glad I did now! These cards fascinate me.

The Elephant (#38) – represent signs of revival, and of emotional stability within a couple. The elephant is a positive influence. The elephant says that if your current situation has been difficult, then there’s a chance for it to turn to your advantage.

The Butterfly (#13) – is a symbol that I love, no matter what. As I suspected, it represents a metamorphis towards a more positive state. There is a transformation at hand. It”s the end of a cycle, a rebirth… on an emotional level, there is a turning to a more peaceful, soft state. A relationship is transformed…

The Old Man (#52) – made me laugh. I don’t think of my husband as an old man (and yet I know this is referring to him) He is 10 years older than I am, so there is a bit of a generational difference, but not alot. In reading about this card though, it describes a character who’s a “grumbler” and is set in his habits and old ways… this does fit my mate actually (haha).

So putting these cards together, it seems as though there is going to be a positive change with my husband shortly…more of a return to how he used to be…and an improvement in our relationship.

I’d like that more than anything! so thank you Oracle Ge- you’ve been dead-on about the awful stuff, so I sure hope that you are dead-on with the good stuff! lol

One comment on “The Oracle Ge

  1. Lovely cards Spirity, not seen those particular ones before. The butterfly in particular drew me ….. and especially with the amount of blue on it, could be indicative of the more social side of your trip and lots of happy communicating.

    x Mouse

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