Oracle Ge

The Dagger is a little worrisome, but I have two ideas as to what these cards are trying to say.

The Dagger can refer to aggression; but it can also mean a cutting of ties with someone or something.  Papers means just that, anything to do with papers 🙂 (sorry!) and Numbers besides relating to figures, also has the meaning of unexpected surprise.

What occured to me right off the bat, was the meaning of the woman who my mate just won a legal battle might try to serve him with papers out of the blue. She is aggressive certainly, (and has tried 4 times in the past to serve him) but luckily, the cards and our intuition has always given us a heads up before they arrived 🙂

I think this may be another time of warning.

Another thought is that it’s the cutting of binds to this woman and that situation, as there is a surprise break, and she pays the money owed– end of story!  Papers+Numbers could be surprise money 🙂 

 I like the second interpretation better…but will keep a continued lookout anyway..

Warning! Kipper cards are the real deal!

My husband and I have a tradition every morning, of doing some card spreads over a cup of tea and coffee. We usually end our ritual with a 3 card draw from the Kipper cards.

Now I must admit, I love the artwork on the Mystic Kippers, but neither of us have really taken it all that seriously….until now!

Over the past 2 weeks or so, either my mate or I would invariably draw the Theft card and the Home card….the 3rd will vary, either being a person, or the card Wrong Person. We have workman rebuilding 2 sheds on the property, and my husband thought maybe someone was going to try to lift a tool from the garage….

We found out today what the cards were referring to. I received a call from our bank, asking about 2 charges on my credit card over the weekend, that they thought might be fraudulent. One was for a big purchase at Sears, and another was a ‘test’ charge at a Concierge that had been phoned in. Considering we don’t have much leeway on that card at the moment, I haven’t used it in the past few months! so I knew it was fraud! Luckily the bank picked up on it, and have cancelled our cards!

So don’t take your Kipper cards for granted!!! They really do give messages!

Luckily, they also have been showing an unexpected windfall of money!! lol that’s a message I’ll definitely take! 🙂

Linda Goodman’s Star cards~

click on the cards for a closer view of the artwork 🙂


Thanks to a nice comment from Sharyn at Quirkeries, I thought it was time to do another draw with Linda Goodman’s Star Cards.

I drew # 30 Loner – Meditation and #25 Discrimination & Analysis.

#30 – “the peace of having found that tranquil place outside of the material world, leaving the chaos of everyday life behind. You have the simple mission to seek yourself. The # 30 is associated with the writers and artists of the Universe, who need harmony and balance to align themselves with the creative energy required to fully express their deepest thoughts, emotions, and dreams. Creative people find happiness in their own little magical kingdom of imagination, (how true!) searching the depths of their thoughts and memories, formulating ideas that could be world changing, and enjoying the fulfillment of things accomplished for the good of all.”

I love the artwork of this card. It shows an artist who is in the zone. He is alone in his own world, the light shining down just on him. When you allow the creative muses to work their magic…that’s exactly how it feels 🙂

#23 –  Your gains have been in the sacred realms. At last you have found a wonderful and harmonic balance in the energy centers of your body, and you have grasped the place of the human being in creation. Through your spiritual quest, your life has taken on a holy new meaning. It is a time of rejoicing, also a time to share your experiences and wisdom with those around you who are striving to get to that sacred place. Relish you solitude, for you are now visiting a realm where you can express yourself openly through art, writings and music. You have found refuge in the galaxies of dreams.”

Two very special and beautiful cards, indeed.

I have been through the fire this past year, in more ways than I care to describe. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, something changed within me. A surrender came over me, and with it, a peace. I stopped resisting what was, and discovered in that moment, that it was gone. With that shift in awarenes, everything and everyone around me rearranged to reflect back to me the new joy that was beginning to bubble to the surface. It has been truly magical.

I let go of pain and grief that I have held onto for years. I feel as though I have walked through the Looking Glass! it’s that profound a change. Now the creativity that had been begging to be expressed, is getting  a chance again; and there’s a sense of inner peace that I was afraid I would never feel again.

I can identify with these cards, and am grateful for their message….


Old English Tarot

click on the cards to see a bigger view-

I thought I would pull out an old favorite Tarot deck of mine, aptly called the Old English Tarot.

As is the norm with me, more than one thought came to mind 🙂 The 10 of Pentacles is a fantastic card! it can mean a financial windfall. It means that you have the money or the financing to be able to attain your dream… it’s having money & security (all which has been threatened over the past year)- It also comes up when there is a large purchase in your future.

I can’t help wondering if one or both of the monies come in, that we are waiting on, and then my mate buys me a lovely gift! lol or invites me out on a romantic date 🙂 The Knight of Cups and the 2 of cups hint at a loving gift from a partner.

Another way to look at these cards is that there is family and financial security that comes from an offer to settle a contract/agreement. This would lean towards the legal case.

When I first met my husband, I was ga-ga! no other way to put it! I felt like a teenager again, just a rush of feelings. I remember that after an afternoon where he gave me a Reiki session, I went home and handmade a thank you card. (I had never done that before for anyone! lol) He was, and still is, very much into the Tarot; so I featured the 2 of Cups card and hand colored it, mounted to beautiful paper, and wrote a thank you note. I’m amazed I sent it! I found out 2 years later, he had saved it – so the 2 of cups is a very special card to me 🙂

The Fairies Oracle


I’ve really had very little to do with my Fairies Oracle, I hate to admit. The Fairies probably aren’t too pleased with me! lol The deck, by Brian Froud, is absolutely gorgeous, and haunting. At the time of receiving them as a present, I was more interested in the artwork to study, towards my sculpture  learning; not necessarily to read with- isn’t that awful?! It wasn’t until joining Aecletic Tarot Forum, and seeing the strong following and interesting posts around this deck, that I started to get intrigued. So today, I thought it was time that the Fairies saw the Light of Day. I was thrilled to see the Green Woman…I have always identified with the Green Man and a have a few pieces of art of both.

The keywords in the book are “Wildness. Natural magic. Expectant gratitude. Untrammeled creativity.”

“The Green Woman reminds us that where the ground is fertile, something will grow. She also reminds us to count our blessings and deal with our difficulties.” It went on to talk about making the best of what comes to us, showing patience and perseverance in adversity.

This is also “a time for enhancing the growth of our talents and abilities, a time of blossoming that will bear fruit. She also reminds us of material reward ahead, the harvest of the seeds we have planted and nurtured.”

I could identify with this draw on many levels; of nurturing my creative ideas and giving them a place to grow. Also the bit about patience, and perseverence in the face of adversity! The Green Woman also talks about breaking out of the mold and letting your Spirit takes chances and follow that inner calling. As I work on a creative project that has yet to be birthed, this helped me alot, and reassured me that I should stay the course and follow through this time 🙂

Looking strictly at the artwork of the Green Woman, I had to smile. She’s sticking her tongue out at me! It’s as though she’s saying to me “lighten up! have some fun! don’t be so serious! let your wild side come out and play….” I have been 🙂 but I take the message – I need to continue! lol

This is a beautiful deck- one I will earnestly start working with! Stay tuned..  🙂

One more Oracle Ge!

I know I should post with another set of cards today, but I am so drawn to the Oracle Ge that I couldn’t help myself! lol

54 The Fields – represents Rest, peace, quiet, and the country.

61 Parchment –represents paperwork, deeds.. legal papers fall under this card as well, major contracts.

34 Squirrel – represents a small sum of money, savings, connections with financial markets, the banks, trading

What immediately came to mind was that there will be an initial small amount of money coming to my husband and me through our financial/trader friend and his “deal,” rather than the promised ‘Big Amount’ that’s always talked about. Still! this will be welcome, and bring about a sense of peace.

Stress levels will stay low 🙂


The other thing that crossed my mind (mainly because it is showing up in other readings) is that I will have a small lottery win that is very pleasing. It won’t be the big kaboodle, but something that I find good– heck! I get excited if I win $10! lol  Parchment being lottery ticket & Squirrel being small win…

On a personal level, the Fields can be a time of taking stock, and looking within; a study period. With Parchment next to it, I wonder if this represents me studying something and with the Squirrel, I’ll be able to extract just the bits of information that I need; getting the nuggets of wisdom.

Interestingly, the trip I just made back to my former home in Montana, was very much a take stock situation inwardly. I reassessed my life, and took in new information that was presented to me, coming to a very different conclusion about my life than I had before I went there. Everything was re-valued, and I came out wiser, and much more at peace. Maybe, this draw is saying that I will continue that process, gleaning new bits of understanding, and listening to my Inner voice. I really feel as though I am going through a transformative process right now.

I will take all of the above interpretations! LOL it’s all good!

Tea Leaf cards for October~


                           you can click on the picture to get a close up of the cards

The dark woman:  you will have dealings with a dark complexion or dark hair. The sumbl does not indicate whether the woman is a friend or foe, or what kind of relationship it will be. (check connecting cards)

The cane: the querist is being forwarned by this card to pay attention to your health, It could be that you are attempting to do too much or that you have taken  on too much responsibility, The card advises you to slow down. (interestingly, my tea leaf reader friend said the same thing to me the other day–strong warning about health)

The moon: Changes in you life. A full moon lights up the night sky over the querist, Just as the full moon changes into the new moon, so must you be prepared for the changes in your life, However, this symbol does not indicate whether or not the changes will be beneficial or not. (check surrounding cards)

Dog barking: Advice from a friend. A dog is barking, an earnest expression on its face, trying to attract the attention of the querist. The querist should pay heed. This card signifies that a friend or relative will give you some advice, it is important that you pay attention to what the person has to say and not dismiss it as being of no value.

This is a little disheartening. I got a very strong warning from my psychic friend that I would have complications around my health, and she kept telling my husband to be sure to take me to the hospital when it occured. She never says anything like that about me!

Now, she’s not dark haired….come to think of it, I have very very few friends that are dark haired 🙂 even my doctor is grey haired! lol so I can’t think who this could be. Obviously there’s going to be some major changes that are health related, for me. I’m due to have a major operation at the end of this month, which will have me resting in bed for awhile. I will have to make sure I don’t try to push it too early!

I will update- I intend to heed this warning! 

An update on the Tea Leaf cards for September-

you can click on the picture to see the cards more closely

Looking back on this reading of last month, I can put together a different story.  I think it was my husband (the Fair Main) who was honored. We stepped into a new experience when we had to travel back to Montana for a court case. A sincere wish was granted when he was awarded a very large amount in damages! It was definitey a major deal and honor for him, because he is the only person to ever win against this crook 🙂

So I think this is what the cards were referring to, although, I definitely stepped into a new experience with my mate; and my sincerest wish to get back to our closeness was granted. I gave alot of support and helped with the lawyers while we were there, and he showed alot of appreciation towards me. It’s as though we have a completely different relationship now.

The cards nailed it again~

Kipper cards~

I’ve just returned from a week long trip with my husband to appear in court for what I hope is the culmination of a 5 year battle. My husband won his case, and the judge awarded a substantial amount of money- now, it’s a matter of collecting! I was understandably happy to see these cards show up this morning-

With Meetings, it looks like there will finally be a dialogue opened between the 2 parties to settle this. Unexpected Money tells me we reach a conclusion & Court lets me know that this is indeed, about the legal issue! Hooray! lol

I feel pretty confident that this is going to be settled… and we can all finally move on.