An update on the Tea Leaf cards for September-

you can click on the picture to see the cards more closely

Looking back on this reading of last month, I can put together a different story.  I think it was my husband (the Fair Main) who was honored. We stepped into a new experience when we had to travel back to Montana for a court case. A sincere wish was granted when he was awarded a very large amount in damages! It was definitey a major deal and honor for him, because he is the only person to ever win against this crook 🙂

So I think this is what the cards were referring to, although, I definitely stepped into a new experience with my mate; and my sincerest wish to get back to our closeness was granted. I gave alot of support and helped with the lawyers while we were there, and he showed alot of appreciation towards me. It’s as though we have a completely different relationship now.

The cards nailed it again~

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