Tea Leaf cards for October~


                           you can click on the picture to get a close up of the cards

The dark woman:  you will have dealings with a dark complexion or dark hair. The sumbl does not indicate whether the woman is a friend or foe, or what kind of relationship it will be. (check connecting cards)

The cane: the querist is being forwarned by this card to pay attention to your health, It could be that you are attempting to do too much or that you have taken  on too much responsibility, The card advises you to slow down. (interestingly, my tea leaf reader friend said the same thing to me the other day–strong warning about health)

The moon: Changes in you life. A full moon lights up the night sky over the querist, Just as the full moon changes into the new moon, so must you be prepared for the changes in your life, However, this symbol does not indicate whether or not the changes will be beneficial or not. (check surrounding cards)

Dog barking: Advice from a friend. A dog is barking, an earnest expression on its face, trying to attract the attention of the querist. The querist should pay heed. This card signifies that a friend or relative will give you some advice, it is important that you pay attention to what the person has to say and not dismiss it as being of no value.

This is a little disheartening. I got a very strong warning from my psychic friend that I would have complications around my health, and she kept telling my husband to be sure to take me to the hospital when it occured. She never says anything like that about me!

Now, she’s not dark haired….come to think of it, I have very very few friends that are dark haired 🙂 even my doctor is grey haired! lol so I can’t think who this could be. Obviously there’s going to be some major changes that are health related, for me. I’m due to have a major operation at the end of this month, which will have me resting in bed for awhile. I will have to make sure I don’t try to push it too early!

I will update- I intend to heed this warning! 

6 comments on “Tea Leaf cards for October~

  1. OK, your readings have convinced me to hunt down and purchase these cards. I just ordered them from an Amazon seller. He says there are 4 decks of cards, is that correct?
    I also recently purchased the Well Worn Path cards which have been very insightful and accurate for me.
    I find when things are crazy or confusing in life turning to the cards is helpful.

  2. Hi Pattie,
    They come in a square box with 4 piles of round cards, it that’s what he means-
    if you look at one of my earliest posts on them, I have a picture of the cover…

    So glad I enabled you! lol you won’t regret purchasing them; they are really cool.
    I am actually just sitting down with a cup of loose tea, to see if I can read the cup!

    I don’t know anything about the Well Worn Path cards, I’ve heard of them, but never seen them- now I’ll have to check them out!


  3. Hi Spiritsong,

    I had ordered the tea leaf cards from Amazon a few months ago, through an independent seller international books. They only sent me the book, so luckily I received a refund, so I haven’t bothered to re-order them again. They are expensive, and we don’t have them over here. But it’s a neat deck.

    Perhaps the dark haired lady is referring to you? Are you dark haired? Obviously there will be some changes as far as your health is concerned after the operation, and you will need to take it easy (obviously) Although your psychic friend has warned you, I hope it doesn’t worry you, as are you able to change the operation date or cancel it? It will go ahead regardless.
    So advice from this dark haired lady “Visualise the best possible outcome” our best wishes will be with you.


  4. The Well Worn Path cards are published by Llewellyn:

    They say these cards are designed for Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans. They do have a wiccan theme, to them. I found they were very enlightening each time I’ve used them. They’re still pretty new for me, I’ve only had them a couple of weeks. But they make more sense to me than the tarot cards. I still find readings with my tarot cards to be totally confusing and useless.

  5. Hi Phoenix!
    Yes I’m very dark haired:) but if you look closely at the cards, it says you will be dealing with a dark haired or dark complexioned woman…so unlike the Lenormand, it specifies that it is someone other than who you are reading for….

    Thanks for the well wishes though!
    I keep getting hints that this darn operation is going to be cancelled though….I’ll be interested to see what happens!


  6. Patti,
    Thanks so much for the link- they definitely look like cards that I would bond with.
    I’m not Wiccan or Pagan in this lifetime, but I definitely resonate with them. Some of my best friends have been Wiccan in England.
    I think I have another purchase ahead of me…thanks alot you enabler! lol


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