One more Oracle Ge!

I know I should post with another set of cards today, but I am so drawn to the Oracle Ge that I couldn’t help myself! lol

54 The Fields – represents Rest, peace, quiet, and the country.

61 Parchment –represents paperwork, deeds.. legal papers fall under this card as well, major contracts.

34 Squirrel – represents a small sum of money, savings, connections with financial markets, the banks, trading

What immediately came to mind was that there will be an initial small amount of money coming to my husband and me through our financial/trader friend and his “deal,” rather than the promised ‘Big Amount’ that’s always talked about. Still! this will be welcome, and bring about a sense of peace.

Stress levels will stay low 🙂


The other thing that crossed my mind (mainly because it is showing up in other readings) is that I will have a small lottery win that is very pleasing. It won’t be the big kaboodle, but something that I find good– heck! I get excited if I win $10! lol  Parchment being lottery ticket & Squirrel being small win…

On a personal level, the Fields can be a time of taking stock, and looking within; a study period. With Parchment next to it, I wonder if this represents me studying something and with the Squirrel, I’ll be able to extract just the bits of information that I need; getting the nuggets of wisdom.

Interestingly, the trip I just made back to my former home in Montana, was very much a take stock situation inwardly. I reassessed my life, and took in new information that was presented to me, coming to a very different conclusion about my life than I had before I went there. Everything was re-valued, and I came out wiser, and much more at peace. Maybe, this draw is saying that I will continue that process, gleaning new bits of understanding, and listening to my Inner voice. I really feel as though I am going through a transformative process right now.

I will take all of the above interpretations! LOL it’s all good!

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