Old English Tarot

click on the cards to see a bigger view-

I thought I would pull out an old favorite Tarot deck of mine, aptly called the Old English Tarot.

As is the norm with me, more than one thought came to mind 🙂 The 10 of Pentacles is a fantastic card! it can mean a financial windfall. It means that you have the money or the financing to be able to attain your dream… it’s having money & security (all which has been threatened over the past year)- It also comes up when there is a large purchase in your future.

I can’t help wondering if one or both of the monies come in, that we are waiting on, and then my mate buys me a lovely gift! lol or invites me out on a romantic date 🙂 The Knight of Cups and the 2 of cups hint at a loving gift from a partner.

Another way to look at these cards is that there is family and financial security that comes from an offer to settle a contract/agreement. This would lean towards the legal case.

When I first met my husband, I was ga-ga! no other way to put it! I felt like a teenager again, just a rush of feelings. I remember that after an afternoon where he gave me a Reiki session, I went home and handmade a thank you card. (I had never done that before for anyone! lol) He was, and still is, very much into the Tarot; so I featured the 2 of Cups card and hand colored it, mounted to beautiful paper, and wrote a thank you note. I’m amazed I sent it! I found out 2 years later, he had saved it – so the 2 of cups is a very special card to me 🙂

One comment on “Old English Tarot

  1. What a lovely reading, Spirity! It really does look like things are going to be wonderfu for you and your husband now. Such a nice thing when you went through so much hardship.

    I’m glad you used this beautiful deck today. It reminds me that I have this deck and need to use it!


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