Linda Goodman’s Star cards~

click on the cards for a closer view of the artwork 🙂


Thanks to a nice comment from Sharyn at Quirkeries, I thought it was time to do another draw with Linda Goodman’s Star Cards.

I drew # 30 Loner – Meditation and #25 Discrimination & Analysis.

#30 – “the peace of having found that tranquil place outside of the material world, leaving the chaos of everyday life behind. You have the simple mission to seek yourself. The # 30 is associated with the writers and artists of the Universe, who need harmony and balance to align themselves with the creative energy required to fully express their deepest thoughts, emotions, and dreams. Creative people find happiness in their own little magical kingdom of imagination, (how true!) searching the depths of their thoughts and memories, formulating ideas that could be world changing, and enjoying the fulfillment of things accomplished for the good of all.”

I love the artwork of this card. It shows an artist who is in the zone. He is alone in his own world, the light shining down just on him. When you allow the creative muses to work their magic…that’s exactly how it feels 🙂

#23 –  Your gains have been in the sacred realms. At last you have found a wonderful and harmonic balance in the energy centers of your body, and you have grasped the place of the human being in creation. Through your spiritual quest, your life has taken on a holy new meaning. It is a time of rejoicing, also a time to share your experiences and wisdom with those around you who are striving to get to that sacred place. Relish you solitude, for you are now visiting a realm where you can express yourself openly through art, writings and music. You have found refuge in the galaxies of dreams.”

Two very special and beautiful cards, indeed.

I have been through the fire this past year, in more ways than I care to describe. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, something changed within me. A surrender came over me, and with it, a peace. I stopped resisting what was, and discovered in that moment, that it was gone. With that shift in awarenes, everything and everyone around me rearranged to reflect back to me the new joy that was beginning to bubble to the surface. It has been truly magical.

I let go of pain and grief that I have held onto for years. I feel as though I have walked through the Looking Glass! it’s that profound a change. Now the creativity that had been begging to be expressed, is getting  a chance again; and there’s a sense of inner peace that I was afraid I would never feel again.

I can identify with these cards, and am grateful for their message….


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