Warning! Kipper cards are the real deal!

My husband and I have a tradition every morning, of doing some card spreads over a cup of tea and coffee. We usually end our ritual with a 3 card draw from the Kipper cards.

Now I must admit, I love the artwork on the Mystic Kippers, but neither of us have really taken it all that seriously….until now!

Over the past 2 weeks or so, either my mate or I would invariably draw the Theft card and the Home card….the 3rd will vary, either being a person, or the card Wrong Person. We have workman rebuilding 2 sheds on the property, and my husband thought maybe someone was going to try to lift a tool from the garage….

We found out today what the cards were referring to. I received a call from our bank, asking about 2 charges on my credit card over the weekend, that they thought might be fraudulent. One was for a big purchase at Sears, and another was a ‘test’ charge at a Concierge that had been phoned in. Considering we don’t have much leeway on that card at the moment, I haven’t used it in the past few months! so I knew it was fraud! Luckily the bank picked up on it, and have cancelled our cards!

So don’t take your Kipper cards for granted!!! They really do give messages!

Luckily, they also have been showing an unexpected windfall of money!! lol that’s a message I’ll definitely take! 🙂

5 comments on “Warning! Kipper cards are the real deal!

  1. Hi Spiritsong,

    Oh my goodness. Isn’t that amazing? Actually I wouldn’t take any of the cards for granted. The cards never lie do they?


  2. That’s funny because I’ve also been having a real string of similar cards as well… I keep getting the 8 of diamonds (or 8 Pentacles for tarot spreads). I’m taking special care to pay attention to that message, as well.

    Lucky for you, most credit card companies are very good about reversing fraudulent charges if you catch them quickly. I hope you come out of it unscathed.

  3. That is really amazing. I’m so glad that everything worked out and that the credit card company won’t hold you responsible.

    I got my tea leaf cards! I’m pretty excited, I’ve enjoyed reading them. But now you’re making me want these cards too! You’re such an enabler!!

  4. Hee Hee! I’m so glad I’m an enabler too! I’ve been hit by other people’s sharings (especially Sammie!)- so I’m glad to spread the temptation around 🙂

    Richard, I don’t know what other cards you had with the 8 of Diamonds, but remember that that card can mean keeping to budget, or being restricted with expenses, or even carefully planning for the future! so it’s not necessarily bad..

    Phoenix, I usually trust my cards, honestly, but there’s something about the whimsical feel to the Mystical Kipper, that was making it easier not too take warnings too seriously– luckily, we were alerted, and we aren’t getting any of the charges. Now I’m just left wondering how the heck someone got that number, when I haven’t been using the card! oh well.

    Hey Pattie! so glad you got the Tea Leaf cards- they’re amazing!


  5. Hi Spirity,

    I’ve noticed that the Kipperkarten and the Leidingkarten are very “on the spot”, too!!

    Thank goodness you they caught the credit card fraud right away. I’ve been through that – we’ve had our number stolen twice. Once, the person charged up thousands of dollars of stuff. Luckily, we didn’t have to pay for any of it.

    I’ve done a few draws with the Mystical Kipper lately that have pointed to money as well!!


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