Oracle Ge

The Dagger is a little worrisome, but I have two ideas as to what these cards are trying to say.

The Dagger can refer to aggression; but it can also mean a cutting of ties with someone or something.  Papers means just that, anything to do with papers 🙂 (sorry!) and Numbers besides relating to figures, also has the meaning of unexpected surprise.

What occured to me right off the bat, was the meaning of the woman who my mate just won a legal battle might try to serve him with papers out of the blue. She is aggressive certainly, (and has tried 4 times in the past to serve him) but luckily, the cards and our intuition has always given us a heads up before they arrived 🙂

I think this may be another time of warning.

Another thought is that it’s the cutting of binds to this woman and that situation, as there is a surprise break, and she pays the money owed– end of story!  Papers+Numbers could be surprise money 🙂 

 I like the second interpretation better…but will keep a continued lookout anyway..

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