Oracle Ge draw~



Happy Boxing Day everyone 🙂

The Elephant is a great card to see- I have always found the elephant symbol to be a lucky one, and the meaning in the Oracle Ge booklet mentions a windfall or opportunity.

The Autumn card can of course refer to fall time, or it represents the time frame of 3 months.

The Older Woman – I’m not sure immediately who this is referring to, as most of my family is deceased. I’m starting to wonder if this might refer to the “older woman” who owes us money…if so, we should have  it coming our way in the next 3 months sometime.

I also read that this card can refer to being protected spiritually from psychic attack and evil intent. I gratefully accept that help as well as there has been some not so nice energy directed our way over the past 18 months.

I am just most happy to see a windfall coming! 🙂

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards~

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary 🙂 It’s bitter cold and snowy and the power is out. Luckily we’re running on generator power. I think this is going to be a very quiet, stay at home kind of day-

After being sick for a week, I finally feel like getting back into things again. I thought I would draw 4 cards from the Tea Leaf Fortune cards as a weekly draw, and see what happened. This is what I drew:


I think this combination of cards is pretty self explanatory – things are about to change big time for the better ! I was amazed that these would be the cards I would draw out of the 182 tea leaf cards. The Universe is conspiring to try to reassure me that All is really Well…even though to look at present conditions, one wouldn’t think so.

I am going to relax, and trust. We put all thoughts of present giving aside this year because of finances…something I have never done (and I must admit, feels quite strange). But we are appreciating each other, and our strength to get through the tough times together, greatly. Although gift giving can be fun, it’s also out of balance for most people. This has been an interesting experience of contrast, and gaining a new perspective on how people get caught up in the materialism of the holidays. I’m sure we’re not the only family this year, re-evaluating all the commercialism.

I’m surrounded by decorations in the house, but the gift being given this year, is the one of deep reflection.

update: Interestingly, this “weekly”draw didn’t start to manifest until 3 weeks later! but it is manifesting… so I’m going to have to reconsider time frames on tea leaf “weekly” draws 🙂

I’ve been too under the weather to play 😦

I hope to be back tomorrow posting again-

Please come back 🙂


Kipper cards

My daughter and I have been sick with a bug the last few days, so haven’t felt like writing.

I did a draw with the Kipper cards today – I adore the Mystical Kipper, the illustrations are so sweet. Here’s what I got:




Isn’t this an auspicious draw?? lol  I feel like death warmed-over, but something great’s about to happen. Isn’t that always the way?

Well, if this comes true, we might be able to have a bottle of champagne 🙂 My mother always said that champagne had medicinal qualities (!)- I could certainly use an infusion of tiny bubbles lol-

I’m not sure which of my husband’s scenarios this is referring to, but no matter, it’s good!

The Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg

I have loved these cards for the past decade. I knew a wonderful old English lady in North Yorkshire, who saw Spirit and was extremely clairvoyant; and she used these  144 cards as her focal point to give AMAZING readings! Boy! do I ever miss going to her! lol She was the first to say that I would have a romance and marry the man I eventually did 🙂 against all odds! lol

I finally tracked the deck down this year, but haven’t had any time to get a feel for them. I decided to do a spread of 3 groups of 3 cards, under the heading of Present, Very Near Future, and Future.

Here we go:



  • Water:     The Card 6 Bamboo Water, signifies correspondence or travel. If it refers to travel, it means short hops or frequent journeys….not a major trip. Most likely it is telling me that there will be news soon, or documentation taking front and center.
  • Lotus:     The opening Lotus signifies new birth. On the metaphysical side, it can mean a spiritual awakening, but on a more down to earth level it appears when someone has been through a difficult experience or an uplifting experience. It’s the new chapter, it’s the happiest of news, an opportunity for a new life. It can even refer to the news of a pregnancy or birth. Contentment is at the center of this card.
  • Commence:   The Green Dragon card, this is an excellent sign for the starting of any new enterprise. This is like a green light 🙂 the time is right.This is a reassuring sign that you can proceed with confidence.

This struck me as saying that we would in the next few days get a letter, or an email/fax; or better yet we would have a legal agreement. Whether this is the legal agreement moving forward with good news and the promise of a new start; or there is word from another sector (business or Govt.), we are about to break out of limbo and be able to move forward.

(What a relief that would be after all this time. I look forward to this week!)


Very Near Future:

  • North:  The North card is usually representative of difficulties & obstacles; I guess much like the Mountain card in the Lenormand. It can mean a period of unhappiness or worry. It can also refer to a person in authority – and literally mean a legal representative!! Considering the next 2 cards are positive, I think this is likely the case.
  • Unicorn:  in certain combinations the Unicorn can represent clairvoyance, especially combined with the Blank White card. When no question has been asked, it represents good news. It can also mean the receiving of privileged or inside information! (Combined with the Lawyer, this is looking quite good! lol) The Unicorn also suggests acting quickly on new information..
  • Phoenix: The Phoenix card represents Joy and Splendour. It’s a time of happiness, all is in harmony. There is a joyous event! It is also a sign of great fortune.

Fingers crossed that this means that we get fantastic news from the lawyer, and a settlement is reached. This would definitely mean great happiness and celebration, and it would also mean feasting instead of famine 🙂




  • Entering:  Entering is a wonderful card! it means that some barrier is being lifted. There is a new door opening for me, a new opportunity awaiting. This card can literally mean: “another chance”…
  • Pine:  The Pine card signifies being able to weather the severist storms. It shows determination and success in the face of opposition.
  • Pearl:  And the lovely Pearl card signifies refinement and wealth 🙂 Ahhh, it would nice to feel that way again..The Pearl can mean the aacquirement of honour. It can represent financial gain and success.

If I  were summarising those 3 cards for someone else, I would be very enthusiastic, telling them that circumstances are about to change for them, and that there is literally a “new life” about to appear. After enduring a great deal, it looks as though they are going to receive their just rewards, and have the opportunity to move forward with a happy heart and a full wallet!

I hope this is true for us too! lol

I LOVE THESE CARDS! and believe me when I say they don’t always show such a rosey scenario!

The Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg cards set with book, can be found at Mandrake Press in the UK. They give great service, and quick international delivery. Lots of goodies on their website 🙂


Daily Draw with the Tarot~



I didn’t get a chance to do a draw until this evening because of the way the day unfolded; so I was curious whether or not this draw would represent what the day was like for me…and it did!

I used the Legend Arthurian Tarot on my sister blog: The Lenormand Oracle  to do a reading combining Tarot with the Lenormand. (It works really well)

I haven’t used these cards in awhile, so thought I would do a draw with them too 🙂 they are so subtle and pretty.

I always come up as the Queen of Pentacles, so I knew that this was talking about me. The Hanged Man, for me, is surrendering something up, or sacrifice. It can also represent spiritual growth and surrender to a higher wisdom. I’ve accepted a situation as it is, and am definitely giving up and letting go.

The 10 of Wands describes what that’s about. The 10 of Wands, is being or feeling burdened and stressed out. Having way more responsibilities than feel good at the moment. It’s Stress with a capital “S”-

And today, although nothing outwardly has changed; I surrendered everything – the stress, financial and emotional.

I even gave up being the one to be in charge of decorating the Xmas tree. I completely gave over the reins to my 2 older teens, who seemed befuddled at first! they didn’t trust their decisions as to where to put that perfect ornament 🙂 But I sat on the sidelines, not feeling strong enough to want to fuss over it anyway, and enjoyed telling them what a great job they were doing. It ended up great for all of us! lol

I’ve surrendered this holiday season, BIG TIME 🙂 and it’s been an interesting learning experience for the entire family. They’re so used to ‘Mom’ just making the holiday come together, now they have had to think about it and act.

I think I have a new tradition in the works now ….. lol

Gypsy Cards – Mini Celtic reading

I have been playing around with the mini-Celtic cross using the Lenormand with success, (thanks to Madame Seaqueen) and wondered if it would translate to the Gypsy cards… I’m still wondering 🙂 lol just thought I would play with it in real time here-



 The Little Money card can sometimes refer to a rebate or refund coming to you. Combined with the Letter, I would definitely think that we’re going to receive some written confirmation of money being returned! The Letter brings news & change.

We have put in for a refund from the government connected to the immigration program we came in on, 3 years ago. If it’s approved, it will be a much welcome sum.

Below, is The Visit card. Of course it can relate to visiting, or receiving guests….so it may be saying that with this lump sum of money, we go off visiting at Christmas, or we have a family member fly to us for Christmas (these are our thoughts at the moment)-

Another way to view this card is that with the money coming in, we’re running around doing last minute errands (Xmas shopping)….

Merriment is self explanatory. Things perk up around us, and we’re having some fun because of this money 🙂 It sounds as though the family is going to feel playful and enjoy the holidays after all.

Constancy  is what crowns us. That’s a very nice, reassuring card to see. Stability is on the horizon…emotional and financial from the looks of it, and that would be very welcomed.

Jealousy is the only card that surprised me. It looks like someone else is going to be jealous of our happiness and good fortune. Someone from the outside, looking in, might think we always have it made. They wouldn’t be privy to all the challenges we’ve been through in the past year or so.

All in all, this spread works pretty well with the Gypsy cards!

On Sammie’s Blog, she gives a great write up about a book that I’m dying to get. I had seen it on Ebay before she wrote about it, but as always am waiting for when I have some extra money. It’s definitely something I wish Santa would bring me for Christmas! lol Sammie also tried a different spread with the deck that’s worth checking out….

The Book is available here. Esther Gombor has a great blog…I’ve just added the link to my Blogroll! lol


Tea Leaf cards – December

Back in August, I received the very cool teal leaf fortune cards by Rae Hepburn. I did a year’s reading and decided to post each month as we went along, and see how they fared.
For December, I drew The Table, The Flag, The Owl, The Fox.


The Table:

The table indicates that there is much hard work ahead for me.

The Flag:

The Flag warns me not to be tempted to lower my standards; so not resort to expedient means but always live to the highest standards that have suited me well in the past.

The Owl:

The Owl tells me that I will receive good advice from a wise person. I’d be smart to listen, because this advice will only help me.

The Fox:

The Fox represents shrewdness and resourcefulness especially in business.

Now it’s funny that this would show up in December. I’m only just getting my wits back about me, and am in no shape to start in with ‘hard work’! but I do think I know to what this is talking about. I have been mulling over in my head about starting up a webstore either on Etsy or Ebay, and have been planning and designing things mentally. It’s my intention to jump in, in the New Year, once I’m better.
It will be a lot of hard work, and I’d want my products (that I made) to be of high quality- so the cards are telling me to stick to my original plan, and don’t take any shortcuts or skimp on materials 🙂
When I saw the Fox, I immediately thought about work-related things, as it’s the card for work in the Lenormand.
I have no idea who the wise person is!! but I will keep a lookout.

This feels more like something I should be getting in February, but I guess since my mind is so firmly in planning, it’s here earlier. Either that, or when I did the draw in August, the probability was that I would be well on with my projects by now. Nothing like a nasty stay in the hospital to throw your plans out of whack!

It’s good advice at any rate 🙂


I had to laugh when I drew this card from my “Pack of Answers” cards. It says it all.

I had felt more like myself yesterday, than I have since I had the surgery. Of course that means that I overdid it as well. I woke up today feeling almost beaten up. I had successfully managed going up and down a set of stairs…my first in 6 weeks! It’s amazing what you take for granted until you can no longer do it…

but in my new found abilities, I think I’ve pulled something – now I’m walking really slowly again. *sigh*

This card was the perfect message for me today 🙂 I will continue to take it slow, and not forget…

Sibilla 3 card draw~

I have recently become intrigued with the Sibilla cards. They’re a 52 card deck (either Italian or French) that is similar to the Lenormand. I wish there was an English book out there on them! I’m struggling to learn what I can from poorly translated web pages. I wish I was multi-lingual!


I Deliranti:  This card represents dissent, a disagreement. It also is the card of theft and fraud.

Sospiri:  This card represents a signal of hope. There are promises of change, unexpected news. Proposals to be evaluated carefully.

Sorpresa:  This card represents luck being manifested. Something long awaited. A certainty that things will be resolved positively. Deserved victory!

I love it when I get a message that is ‘in your face’ clear, from cards you haven’t learnt yet! lol

This is referring to the long dispute/fraud/theft that my husband has been battling for over 6 years; and it’s showing that he is finally going to have his long awaited reward.

The judge awarded a substantial amount in damages, but he has since had to fight tooth and nail to try to receive the judgement. This looks like he is in the final stretch to that goal 🙂

A nice draw to start back on my blog with!

One place this Sibilla is available is the Alida store.