Sibilla 3 card draw~

I have recently become intrigued with the Sibilla cards. They’re a 52 card deck (either Italian or French) that is similar to the Lenormand. I wish there was an English book out there on them! I’m struggling to learn what I can from poorly translated web pages. I wish I was multi-lingual!


I Deliranti:  This card represents dissent, a disagreement. It also is the card of theft and fraud.

Sospiri:  This card represents a signal of hope. There are promises of change, unexpected news. Proposals to be evaluated carefully.

Sorpresa:  This card represents luck being manifested. Something long awaited. A certainty that things will be resolved positively. Deserved victory!

I love it when I get a message that is ‘in your face’ clear, from cards you haven’t learnt yet! lol

This is referring to the long dispute/fraud/theft that my husband has been battling for over 6 years; and it’s showing that he is finally going to have his long awaited reward.

The judge awarded a substantial amount in damages, but he has since had to fight tooth and nail to try to receive the judgement. This looks like he is in the final stretch to that goal 🙂

A nice draw to start back on my blog with!

One place this Sibilla is available is the Alida store.

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