Tea Leaf cards – December

Back in August, I received the very cool teal leaf fortune cards by Rae Hepburn. I did a year’s reading and decided to post each month as we went along, and see how they fared.
For December, I drew The Table, The Flag, The Owl, The Fox.


The Table:

The table indicates that there is much hard work ahead for me.

The Flag:

The Flag warns me not to be tempted to lower my standards; so not resort to expedient means but always live to the highest standards that have suited me well in the past.

The Owl:

The Owl tells me that I will receive good advice from a wise person. I’d be smart to listen, because this advice will only help me.

The Fox:

The Fox represents shrewdness and resourcefulness especially in business.

Now it’s funny that this would show up in December. I’m only just getting my wits back about me, and am in no shape to start in with ‘hard work’! but I do think I know to what this is talking about. I have been mulling over in my head about starting up a webstore either on Etsy or Ebay, and have been planning and designing things mentally. It’s my intention to jump in, in the New Year, once I’m better.
It will be a lot of hard work, and I’d want my products (that I made) to be of high quality- so the cards are telling me to stick to my original plan, and don’t take any shortcuts or skimp on materials 🙂
When I saw the Fox, I immediately thought about work-related things, as it’s the card for work in the Lenormand.
I have no idea who the wise person is!! but I will keep a lookout.

This feels more like something I should be getting in February, but I guess since my mind is so firmly in planning, it’s here earlier. Either that, or when I did the draw in August, the probability was that I would be well on with my projects by now. Nothing like a nasty stay in the hospital to throw your plans out of whack!

It’s good advice at any rate 🙂

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