Gypsy Cards – Mini Celtic reading

I have been playing around with the mini-Celtic cross using the Lenormand with success, (thanks to Madame Seaqueen) and wondered if it would translate to the Gypsy cards… I’m still wondering 🙂 lol just thought I would play with it in real time here-



 The Little Money card can sometimes refer to a rebate or refund coming to you. Combined with the Letter, I would definitely think that we’re going to receive some written confirmation of money being returned! The Letter brings news & change.

We have put in for a refund from the government connected to the immigration program we came in on, 3 years ago. If it’s approved, it will be a much welcome sum.

Below, is The Visit card. Of course it can relate to visiting, or receiving guests….so it may be saying that with this lump sum of money, we go off visiting at Christmas, or we have a family member fly to us for Christmas (these are our thoughts at the moment)-

Another way to view this card is that with the money coming in, we’re running around doing last minute errands (Xmas shopping)….

Merriment is self explanatory. Things perk up around us, and we’re having some fun because of this money 🙂 It sounds as though the family is going to feel playful and enjoy the holidays after all.

Constancy  is what crowns us. That’s a very nice, reassuring card to see. Stability is on the horizon…emotional and financial from the looks of it, and that would be very welcomed.

Jealousy is the only card that surprised me. It looks like someone else is going to be jealous of our happiness and good fortune. Someone from the outside, looking in, might think we always have it made. They wouldn’t be privy to all the challenges we’ve been through in the past year or so.

All in all, this spread works pretty well with the Gypsy cards!

On Sammie’s Blog, she gives a great write up about a book that I’m dying to get. I had seen it on Ebay before she wrote about it, but as always am waiting for when I have some extra money. It’s definitely something I wish Santa would bring me for Christmas! lol Sammie also tried a different spread with the deck that’s worth checking out….

The Book is available here. Esther Gombor has a great blog…I’ve just added the link to my Blogroll! lol


4 comments on “Gypsy Cards – Mini Celtic reading

  1. Hi Lorielle!
    I know! they’re alot of fun. I was surprised at how well they worked for a mini celtic- I usually just do a 3 card draw with them.

    There is a book that I really want to get written just about them-
    I think I’ll edit my post and put a link to it from Sammie’s blog- wish you could put in links with your replies!! oh well.

    Oracle cards are very quickly becoming addictive with me! lol


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