The Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg

I have loved these cards for the past decade. I knew a wonderful old English lady in North Yorkshire, who saw Spirit and was extremely clairvoyant; and she used these  144 cards as her focal point to give AMAZING readings! Boy! do I ever miss going to her! lol She was the first to say that I would have a romance and marry the man I eventually did 🙂 against all odds! lol

I finally tracked the deck down this year, but haven’t had any time to get a feel for them. I decided to do a spread of 3 groups of 3 cards, under the heading of Present, Very Near Future, and Future.

Here we go:



  • Water:     The Card 6 Bamboo Water, signifies correspondence or travel. If it refers to travel, it means short hops or frequent journeys….not a major trip. Most likely it is telling me that there will be news soon, or documentation taking front and center.
  • Lotus:     The opening Lotus signifies new birth. On the metaphysical side, it can mean a spiritual awakening, but on a more down to earth level it appears when someone has been through a difficult experience or an uplifting experience. It’s the new chapter, it’s the happiest of news, an opportunity for a new life. It can even refer to the news of a pregnancy or birth. Contentment is at the center of this card.
  • Commence:   The Green Dragon card, this is an excellent sign for the starting of any new enterprise. This is like a green light 🙂 the time is right.This is a reassuring sign that you can proceed with confidence.

This struck me as saying that we would in the next few days get a letter, or an email/fax; or better yet we would have a legal agreement. Whether this is the legal agreement moving forward with good news and the promise of a new start; or there is word from another sector (business or Govt.), we are about to break out of limbo and be able to move forward.

(What a relief that would be after all this time. I look forward to this week!)


Very Near Future:

  • North:  The North card is usually representative of difficulties & obstacles; I guess much like the Mountain card in the Lenormand. It can mean a period of unhappiness or worry. It can also refer to a person in authority – and literally mean a legal representative!! Considering the next 2 cards are positive, I think this is likely the case.
  • Unicorn:  in certain combinations the Unicorn can represent clairvoyance, especially combined with the Blank White card. When no question has been asked, it represents good news. It can also mean the receiving of privileged or inside information! (Combined with the Lawyer, this is looking quite good! lol) The Unicorn also suggests acting quickly on new information..
  • Phoenix: The Phoenix card represents Joy and Splendour. It’s a time of happiness, all is in harmony. There is a joyous event! It is also a sign of great fortune.

Fingers crossed that this means that we get fantastic news from the lawyer, and a settlement is reached. This would definitely mean great happiness and celebration, and it would also mean feasting instead of famine 🙂




  • Entering:  Entering is a wonderful card! it means that some barrier is being lifted. There is a new door opening for me, a new opportunity awaiting. This card can literally mean: “another chance”…
  • Pine:  The Pine card signifies being able to weather the severist storms. It shows determination and success in the face of opposition.
  • Pearl:  And the lovely Pearl card signifies refinement and wealth 🙂 Ahhh, it would nice to feel that way again..The Pearl can mean the aacquirement of honour. It can represent financial gain and success.

If I  were summarising those 3 cards for someone else, I would be very enthusiastic, telling them that circumstances are about to change for them, and that there is literally a “new life” about to appear. After enduring a great deal, it looks as though they are going to receive their just rewards, and have the opportunity to move forward with a happy heart and a full wallet!

I hope this is true for us too! lol

I LOVE THESE CARDS! and believe me when I say they don’t always show such a rosey scenario!

The Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg cards set with book, can be found at Mandrake Press in the UK. They give great service, and quick international delivery. Lots of goodies on their website 🙂


7 comments on “The Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg

  1. I LOVE this deck. I had it with me when I was doing weeks of waiting at the hospital last year, used my friends bed as my spread cloth 🙂 Their delicacy was very comforting. Sharyn/AJ

    • Hi Sharyn 🙂
      I love this deck too! I wish I hadn’t waited so long to pull it out and explore.
      When you do readings with them, do you follow the suggested spread in the book? or do you use them in another way?
      My reader friend in the UK used to have us pick, say 24 cards, and she would just start putting them down and tell predicitions in a sort of “sing-song” way. Her guides spoke to her in lovely rhymes of all things! and it would flow so fast off her tongue that you knew she didn’t have time to think about it. She had an amazing accuracy rate.

      I’d be interested to hear more about your experiences with them 🙂


  2. Hi Spirity,

    I’m having fun catching up on your blog tonight! I have this set, too – have never used it though. How do you deal with shuffling all 144 cards?

    It really has some nice news for you – I hope it is right!


    • Hey Sammie!! long time no blog! lol I’ve been thinking of you 🙂
      You and I and Sharyn should start an informal information exchange or something– these cards are sooo worth really learning; as much so as the Lenormand, in my opinion.

      I’ll be posting more with these cards soon-

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas sweetie-


  3. Hello. I know this is an old blog. Thanks to your convincing reading, I just gave in & ordered the deck lol! It looks so pretty! I cannot wait for it to arrive now. Also if it’s not too much of a problem, can you tell me how to contact that psychic that you see in the UK please? You can contact me via email. Thank you very much.


    • Hi Yasmin 🙂
      I haven’t used them recently, (mainly because of time constraints) but your post is a good reminder to me to pull them out and start working with them again. I’ll post about them soon, promise! lol

      As to the wonderful psychic I used to see in North Yorkshire – I lost track of her! She was an elderly lady, and moved soon after the last time I saw her. I tried to track her down and couldn’t 😦 She was wonderful, and I’m sorry to have lost contact with her.

      Hope you enjoy the deck – I know they can give very accurate readings because of my experiences with this lady, it takes time to learn them and dedication, but worth it!

  4. Yes, do pull them cards out again & get them back in action 😀 I noticed you also love the Gypsy cards. Plan to get them as well at some point 😀 ( You should get commissions from all these sale don’t you think hehehe ). Sorry to hear that you have lost touch with that talented old lady 😦 I was thinking of seeing her since I live in London. Oh well…hope she is well wherever she may be. Thanks for replying 🙂

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