Sibilla Draw~


This draw totally reflects how I felt yesterday when I drew it 😦

Dispiacere is the card of sorrow. This was literally a representation of me, the dark haired woman, feeling her loss. I tried very hard not to cry yesterday…

Falsita has 3 meanings that I’ve discerned so far. One has to do with delays and obstacles to what one’s trying to accomplish; the mysterious and misleading circumstances that prevent situations happening as planned. Another is it can be describing lies and deceit, falsehoods.

Neither of these seemed to fit-and I prayed it wasn’t major difficulties…

The last meaning can be that it represents a change of residence, a moving away. This is the one that fit the draw.

Come to think of it, the meaning of falseness also fits when it is combined with the Dispiacere  card; as I was trying very hard to put on a positive face for my excited son – even though my heart ached terribly!

The L’Amante , the fair haired, favored one, represents my 19 year old son – a very sweet, kind and generous young man.

Yesterday, we put Michael on a plane for British Columbia to start his 2nd year of University at  a new school. It came very suddenly, as we didn’t know if we could afford to get the airfare. At the very last moment, his biological father paid for his trip, and he was off! I was so happy for him, because it is so right for him to be there.

I must admit though, my heart ached yesterday and it does today, missing my bright light of a son. The house feels very different now….

I was really amazed at how accurately the Sibilla cards reflected the situation. I have heard from him today, and he is getting settled in ok, so I know this was reflecting my sense of loss…. another milestone 🙂

3 comments on “Sibilla Draw~

  1. The Sibilla Della Zingara is quite charming – and a little bit daunting! lol (only because I’m ust getting acquainted with it)

    I can tell that I’m going to want to collect others as well–trouble……

  2. (((spiritsong))))……..this reminds me of the time I watched my daughter leave on a plane for the other side of the world. I cried all day!!

    Pretty deck….love the cat! 🙂

    Cat xx

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