Gyspy cards~

I’ve played around a little bit with the Gypsy cards. I like them, but haven’t connected with them in the same way as the Lenormand. I thought, rather than another 3 card draw, I would do a small spread. I just asked to know what was most important, and left it at that. I used a 6 card spread in which you lay down the cards in this order:

1     2    3

4     5    6


You then read as pairs, 1/4,   2/5,  &   3/6. Usually you would assign the pairs from left to right the correspondences as

“Past”,  “Now”  &   “Future”. If you were asking a particular question, then position 6 would give you the answer. This is a spread that Kapherus on the Art of Cartomancy forum shared. It works amazingly with playing cards.

Here is what I drew:


Thief +Judge:  This made me smile, because I knew immediately who it was referring to, (the lady crook who has been in contempt of court in the legal case with my husband) Looks like they are  going to haul her back in front of the judge 🙂 (can’t help it, that gives me pleasure)

Lover+Journey:   A lovely trip with my mate? God that would be nice! I’m ready for a change of scene-  oohhh…maybe it’s only my mate getting to take a journey, to be more precise…..hhhmmm. I just looked up something Madame SeaQueen wrote about this combination, and it does look like my mate will be away on a trip, or a plan to travel. I get the feeling I’m going to be left behind on this one.

Malady+Widower: Now this one doesn’t look too great. Is it saying that someone will become a widower? or that there is a widower who will have an illness? I don’t know any widowers at the moment. I must admit that my mother-in-law is ill, and is due to have an operation this month, so I can’t help but wonder if this is saying that my husband will have to travel because of sad news in the family…. (he keeps drawing “Sad News” around a “Good Dame” & the “Death” cards in the Kipper – so this isn’t looking very good)

The Widower describes a sad and lonely man, pining over a loss….with the Malady card there, he is not coping well at all, and simply wants to retreat from the world.  I will update on this one if something becomes clear…..

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