Angel Cards~

angel-frontangel-back1  (front & back)


Interestingly, I picked cards from separate Angel decks the other day & their message was right on the mark.

My dear husband and I are going through a severely testing time financially. It’s the stuff that would ruin most marriages, and from what I’ve heard on CNN, the financial crisis is tearing apart alot of families.

Although we get frustrated, we have solidly stuck together…no pointing of fingers, but Uniting in a big way. Our resolve is to learn as much from this challenging situation as we can, and move on. We have surrendered to a higher power; either we make it through, or we sell the house! Whatever may come, we’re a team and stay that way.

I drew this card on a particular low day, both emotionally and healthwise. It made me smile, and keep my conviction that we will be OK-

The other card that I drew was:


This is from one of Doreen Virtue’s Angel decks; and how appropiate! The last week was filled with anxiety and emotion, trying to find the funds to fly my son out to his new University. We didn’t know until 2 days before he was due to go, that he would actually get to go! Talk about stress! I wanted it so badly for him.

All the stress, in my still somewhat weakened state from surgery, just opened me up to another round of the bugs going around this Winter! So I have taken this card to heart, and have taken a Time Out from everything. I have lost myself in listening to some great audio books 🙂 something very new to me since I love to read the written word…

Even after all the years I’ve been working with different card sets, I’m still in awe when they show very plainly and clearly the message that you most need at the moment. Most people on the planet have no idea just how special card reading can be!

One comment on “Angel Cards~

  1. That is a beautiful Angel card Spirity. You must remember that especially after surgery & general anaesthetic your immune system is probably very low and somewhat suppressed and stress won’t help that either, so I hope you’re looking after yourself well, and taking extra vitamins etc.!

    x Mouse

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