Tea Leaf Fortune cards reading

I thought it was about time to pull out my tea leaf cards again 🙂 I really love these cards, and there are soo many of them! lol  I shuffled the bundle and cut each time, to get 4 cards. My intention was to show what was coming up in the next week to 10 days, but as I’ve learned, timing is a hit or miss thing with cards.

Here’s what I drew:


Sea Horse: On the card it says “family matters”. In the book, it infers that I will feel weighted down by family matters in the time frame given…but looking at the other cards, I don’t think that’s the case because they’re so positive! I think it’s more likely saying that my focus will be on family matters, period.

Grapes: “time to go out and have fun” is what is written on the card 🙂 lol I am so ready to do just that! In the book it says it’s time to break out of routine and play. (we just got the wonderful news that we will be receiving back money from the govt. next week – which means we will be back in a position to pay all our bills, and maybe, just maybe, have some fun too!)

Dark Woman: “Dealings or relationship with a woman who has a dark complexion or dark hair… ” There’s no one who comes to mind for this, I’m the only dark haired woman I know at the moment. Wait and see…

Gong: “An Exciting Event”.. something noteworthy is about to happen..

I would put these cards together to mean, that in the near future, there is going to be something exciting and memorable happening that’s connected to the family and having fun & celebrating. Somehow, a dark hair woman (other than me?) is connected to this event. Whatever this is referring to, it sounds like a good thing! lol

*Since WordPress changed how you post this last time, I haven’t figured out how I can link a closeup picture, so that you can see the photo better…..does anyone have the answer to this puzzle? it’s driving me crazy!

update: during the alloted time frame, we received a good sum of money back from the govt.- Our focus was very squarely on family matters, first paying off outstanding debt and transferring money all over the place. I was stumped for a bit on the dark haired woman and an exciting event until now… our bank manager actually looks a little bit like the woman on the card!!! lol  and it was a very exciting event to be able to have the money to be able to transfer some to 2 of our kids out West to be able to buy new laptops! lol (it was something we had been wanting to do for months, since both of them had computers that were about to die)- we also bought a computer for the last teenager at home- call us tech nerds, but it was exciting going to Future Shop and looking at all the new laptops for our kids! lol  oh brother, not what I originally thought when I saw this draw….not by a long shot!

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