Some sources for Kipper info-


Simone asked me about places on the web that she can look at, to learn more about Kipper. There is very little in the way of English info- but I’m posting here so that I can share some links-

Here’s my note to Simone:

Hi Simone,

I’ve found a few sources on the web that are helping me learn, but I still get stuck on some of them too. Ironically, I came across a new thread on my favorite forum, “The Art of Cartomancy” that is helping fill in some of the gaps. I was going to recommend a thread also on the Aecletic Tarot forum, but Chanah posted her meanings again on this new thread.

Another great source is Madame SeaQueen’s blog, who has posted on the Kipper.

I also found a german site that gives basic meanings. I’ve used a translator to save each page in a folder for reference 🙂

There’s also a link to a subscription based site, that looks fantastic. It’s called and has not only Kipper, but Lenormand, Gypsy cards, etc. They have an extensive online library of combination meanings….when I can, I’m definitely going to become a member!

Those are what I’ve found so far in my exploring….if you find others Simone, please come back and share ok? lol

Best Wishes,


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