Sibilla Draw~


I drew 3 cards from the Sibilla deck, and could only smile. It seems to correlate very well with the Tarot/Lenormand spread that I just posted on my sister site The Lenormand Oracle.

The Falsita & the Nemica is describing the deceiving woman “enemy”.

Falsita means lies, deceit and malice.

Nemica describes a woman who is trecherous & false; she is shown as the enemy, and must be treated that way!

The two cards combined, perfectly describes the woman who we have been fighting legally and energetically for 6 years.

The reason I smiled, was that the card, Disgrazia, shows that there are problems coming to this woman. It represents quarrels, slander, accidents, rumors, scams, lies, legal problems (fines, complaints, convictions etc). A series of adverse events.

My hope is that Disgrazia is referring to major legal problems for this woman 🙂  nice of me isn’t it? lol



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