Kipper draw


Now I have read that the #2 Woman card, usually refers to the woman who is the one having the reading. If that’s the case, then it is showing that I am waiting, in a sense of anticipation, for a certain meeting/encounter to take place. My first thought, was that yes, that is so, but it’s actually with a woman that I’m expecting us to have an encounter with! lol the woman in the legal case.

The only thing that worries me about this, is if I assign timing to it as well…. with the Expectation card, it hints that I’ll have to be patient, because it could be as long as 2-3 months!!!  I think legal deadlines will hurry it up some, at least I hope we’re not waiting 2-3 months for dialogue! We’re supposed to be meeting face to face in a few weeks, not months!

That’s the only meeting I can think of at the moment!

update: Sure enough, later that night, we received a call from the lawyers telling us that the woman had successfully got a delay from having to meet in the next few weeks. Now it looks that she’s gained 2 months to avoid dealing! Everytime I think I’ve seen it all, the woman is able to pull something else. Forgive my rant, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the law works better for the crooks who know how to manipulate the system, than for those who are just!

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