Tea Leaf Fortune cards weekly~


These cards have been sitting on my pool table, since Saturday, waiting for me to have the time to come and photograph them and write about them! It’s now Friday (shameful)- but it actually wasn’t until this morning that I had any idea about what they might be referring to-

Journey- e”ither a physical or mental journey is taken” (and both were this week! )

Bouquet-  “Compliments from an admirer”- this threw me for days, the Bouquet symbol for me is also a healing, a recovery, a gift, something nice…

Casket- “someone going out of your life, or an end to a situation”

Leg- “stepping into a new experience”

Here is how these cards played out:

I drew them on Saturday, and Sunday my husband dragged me to a new card reader, way out in the boonies of Nova Scotia (Journey). I say dragged, because I was exhausted and just not feeling up to the outing or to have to talk to anybody! This is a first for me, because normally I’d be enthusiastic. It was my first reading from an outsider in probably a year, and she was amazing!

She was able to bring up very solid proof that she was receiving messages from both my father and my mother, that really touched my heart. She also gave me a scolding around my own gifts and how I wasn’t using them to their best ability. She was adament that in this year that would change dramatically and that I would “find my voice”.

Her words were very uplifting (Bouquet) and I came away from that reading feeling a major shift inside. There has definitely been a change within me (Coffin) and an end to feeling helpless to my circumstances (which I normally would never feel!) It’s amazing how much of yourself you lose when you physically don’t feel well…

I came away from that reading, changed; and I have picked myself up and dusted myself off and begun to get back into my spiritual practices with dedication. I am definitely stepping into a new phase of experience now (Leg).

So, this weekly tea leaf draw was a complete success, and within the time frame intended 🙂 I’m amused that I didn’t understand it’s significance until today, but that’s ok…at least I got it! lol

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