Kipper Draw~


I drew these cards this morning. They are:

  • #4 – Meetings
  • #8 – False Person
  • #18 – A Small Child

If you combine Meetings and False Person, you can get the meanings of  an  encounter that isn’t what it seems; it can also mean envious or deceitful friends, or being the subject of gossip… or simply encountering a deceitful, lying person! (I know one that comes to mind! lol)

A Small Child (#18), I think is similar to the same card in the Lenormand; possibly meaning a new beginning or start of something new, or literally a young person/child.

If I were to try combining #8 False Person with #18 A Small Child, I could get the meaning of a lying, or deceitful,  young person… or a new start or project that isn’t what it seems, possibly being misrepresented….

that makes me think of being in a meeting where a project or pitch or proposal is being made, but it isn’t being presented truthfully – there are hidden agendas, or tricks; OR there are meetings/encounters with a a false young person…

maybe a young person is the subject of gossip? or someone is lying about a pregnancy?! (that just popped into my head!)

These are some of the possibilities with only these 3 cards! lol 

I really am intrigued with the Kipper; I wonder which came first, the Kipper or the Lenormand? or if they evolved together simultaneously… It’s hard to get any history in English, but I will definitely try.

update: there were meetings, to do with business that turned out to be this way-
a new project that had been presented to our business partner and looked superficially good, ended up not being what they said it was at all! total misrepresentation! luckily,it was all discovered before anything had moved forward…

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