Kipper draw~


I drew from the Kipper cards today. This looks pretty good except for the Short Illness card.

  •  #11- Lots of Money  money, winnings, conquest, a large sum. A payoff. Money coming.
  •  #23 – Court –  justice, political, authorities, bureaucratic, Court, decision
  • #31 – Short Illness – tiredness, disease, medicine, tired, sick, a short time in duration

The first two are wonderful- It looks like a a legal win to me; or at the very least alot of money coming from authorities, either during a time of illness, or great tiredness.

I just happened to wake up this morning, feeling pretty darn lousy; all sinus/head cold and a sore throat. I’m also pretty darn tired!

So this is either talking about money coming from legal or “authority” while I’m sick, or literally in a short time (another meaning for the short illness card)

Combining the #11 & #23 you might get “financial decisions”-

Combining the #23 & #31 you’d get the poss. interp of “decision being taken during the time of ill health, or tiredness”

I can’t see me having to make any financial decisions at the moment– but if an offer to settle came in, that would fit the bill.

You know, our lottery is worth 39 million & the drawing is tonight…. think I’d better muster up the energy to go buy a lottery ticket just in case! lol

If someone were fighting a medical malpractice suit or something, this would be a great draw! not the case here though-

I’ll let you know-


Lenormand and Kipper Reading~




I have experimented in the past with combining Lenormand with both the tarot and the playing cards, with excellent results. I was about to do another spread with one of them, when I saw my Kipper cards out of the corner of my eye.

The Kipper cards are 36 in number, just like the Lenormand, so I wondered if  it would combine and make any sense? Well did I ever get a surprise! They work brilliantly together!

First I shuffled the Lenormand deck with the intention of combining, and knowing that there would be 5 pairs. I did the same with the Kipper deck. Then I picked the top card of the Lenormand, then the top card of the Kipper, and placed them in the first column. I then continued picking the top card alternatively until I had 5 pairings.

It definitely tells a story.

Mice + #5 Good Lord-  The mice card is all about stress and worry connected with the Good Lord. The Good Lord, I thought at first, was my husband – but upon doing a little research, realized my mistake. The Good Lord represents Authority, and Good Council among some other things. What this is referring to is the stress around dealing with the lawyers, and the legal process. It’s been very frustrating.

Clover +#1 Principle Man- The Principle Man is the correct designated card to represent my husband. Combined with the Clover it shows some kind of positive outcome for him; a lucky twist of fate. It reassures that there is something about to happen that will be beneficial to my mate. It also might have the timing of 2 days, or 2 weeks. Interestingly, this is the exact time that we are to return to the states to appear in court again.

Coffin + #9 A Change- Wow! How odd that I would get both “Change” cards together in the middle of the reading. The Coffin card talks about major changes, of completing a cycle and starting something new. I tend to relate it to the Death card in the Tarot, and don’t necessarily see it as bad at all. It’s a transition period.

Now interestingly, the Change card in the Kipper also talks about important change, but it can also be referring to another city, another place! It seems pretty obvious to me, that something major is going to happen when we fly back to the states for the next phase of the legal dispute. The Change card in the Kipper also advises remaining flexible, of being adaptable. So my husband may have to stay open in negotiating an ending to this.

Bear +#15 “Good Outcome in Love”or “Love & Friendship”- 

Another nice pairing 🙂 The Bear, for me, represents money & windfalls. It’s all about financial matters.

And the #15 Kipper card, Love & Friendship, can mean the obvious of love and affection, but it can also mean a good outcome to something; a good financial outcome around this matter in another city.

Sun + #35 A Long Way-   The Sun card represents Success & Victory. It’s the glory and overcoming of any adversity. The Long Way card can actually mean “trouble”, or be describing a long term, over a long period of time. So I would combine this to mean success and victory over this problem, and it’s acknowledging that it’s taken a long time, but we get there in the end.

This worked better than I ever would have imagined. I would definitely recommend this technique to other Lenormand and Kipper lovers!

Sibilla draw~

I’m having so much fun experimenting with the Sibilla cards and the Kipper cards, that’s it all I want to work with! lol but I promise to work with other decks too… Yesterday I drew these 3 cards-


  • Stanza- refers to the home, or the family.
  • La Lettera- refers to news on the way, most likely by mail or email; and with it, the rush to make decisions.
  • Consolante Sorpresa-  something long awaited for manifests! With the  6 of Bastoni (Clubs or Wands) there is well-deserved victory!  Strokes of Luck – and arrival of unexpected money- like wins, inheritance, windfalls- there is more than is expected.

This is GREAT NEWS- my guess is that it’s related to the final happenings in the legal, as the deadline is fastly approaching; but it could be from another source….

Wherever it’s coming from, I don’t care! lol just happy to see it!  🙂

Playing card Line of 5 Spread

I decided to try a spread that I’ve been introduced to by Chanah for Lenormand; The Line of 5. Many times she uses 7, but I thought 5 would be enough this time! It works really well!

is talking about legal matters (which we are in the midst of)

can mean an opportunity to resolve problems, of moving forward & progress. It’s also the card of negotiations, and that’s what I think it’s referring to.

5+ 6 – Legal negotiations

– Now for me, the Jacks tend to represent action and events more than young people; much like the pages in the Tarot. Like the Page of Swords, there is sudden news, something that requires immediate attention.

– shows a financial windfall, and success monetarily.

– Ironically I drew this card- as we were just discussing it’s meaning in a post on the Art of cartomancy formum. So I think it is saying a need for careful consideration during these negotiations. We need to carefully weigh our position in this matter, and look for any “thorns” !

The 5 – 8 probably means caution with legal, weighing our options.

The 6 – 10 probably means moving towards a successful completion in this matter, ending in a payout (which is owed)

I was tickled pink to see how well this spread works with the playing cards! I did a Lenormand version, that ended up reflecting the same situation, which I will post elsewhere.


Sibilla draw~


Talk about a balm for a weary heart!

Dono di pietre preziose: announcing changes, but especially around abundance, harmony, stability. It announces the arrival of news by mail or email of a legacy, a gift, a contract, a document. It’s a card that says you are overcoming obstacles, giving way to success.

La Lettera: is pretty self explanatory; news of any kind, positive or negative…in this case, next to pietre preziose, there is really great news arriving shortly- happy news!

Speranza: a period of hope, and the end of a period of anxiety & crisis (that would be nice!)- Speranza also points to a period of stability and balance and of  wishes coming true.

So there looks to be very good news that will be bringing a positive change in financial matters and a period of stability and hope– a lighter atmosphere. This could be a deal/contract, or even the notorious legal matter 🙂

Whatever it is, it’s welcome.