Sibilla draw~


Talk about a balm for a weary heart!

Dono di pietre preziose: announcing changes, but especially around abundance, harmony, stability. It announces the arrival of news by mail or email of a legacy, a gift, a contract, a document. It’s a card that says you are overcoming obstacles, giving way to success.

La Lettera: is pretty self explanatory; news of any kind, positive or negative…in this case, next to pietre preziose, there is really great news arriving shortly- happy news!

Speranza: a period of hope, and the end of a period of anxiety & crisis (that would be nice!)- Speranza also points to a period of stability and balance and of  wishes coming true.

So there looks to be very good news that will be bringing a positive change in financial matters and a period of stability and hope– a lighter atmosphere. This could be a deal/contract, or even the notorious legal matter 🙂

Whatever it is, it’s welcome.