Sibilla draw~

I’m having so much fun experimenting with the Sibilla cards and the Kipper cards, that’s it all I want to work with! lol but I promise to work with other decks too… Yesterday I drew these 3 cards-


  • Stanza- refers to the home, or the family.
  • La Lettera- refers to news on the way, most likely by mail or email; and with it, the rush to make decisions.
  • Consolante Sorpresa-  something long awaited for manifests! With the  6 of Bastoni (Clubs or Wands) there is well-deserved victory!  Strokes of Luck – and arrival of unexpected money- like wins, inheritance, windfalls- there is more than is expected.

This is GREAT NEWS- my guess is that it’s related to the final happenings in the legal, as the deadline is fastly approaching; but it could be from another source….

Wherever it’s coming from, I don’t care! lol just happy to see it!  🙂

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